Saturday, August 11, 2012

One night in Pittsburgh

    We didn't really do anything in Pittsburgh, we stayed at a Holiday Inn in and actually didn't even leave the hotel. It was in a small town near the airport and there really wasn't anything to do anyhow. We had a wonderful visit with my Aunt, we celebrated my grandma and spent most of the evening talking about her, and I was so glad my Aunt got to spend some 'real' time with her great neice. We skype once a week but obviously an in person visit is much nicer.
          The next morning we had what I thought was a contential breakfast- I was very surprised that it was such a large fancy breakfast for a Holiday Inn...I was even more surprised when I discovered that it was $22 per person!
     I was unsure whether or not the two of us would continue on to Philadelphia on our last minute road trip but I was so pleased with my baby the previous day on our drive I was not at all worried about the drive from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. It was another 5 hour drive and took us 7 because I stop a lot so she can stretch her legs and play a little. I instantly felt like I was in heaven when we arrived at the hotel in Plymouth Meeting-abour 17 miles from Philadelphia and I knew right away that I did not want to leave any time soon.

   In the past year my husband has spent a total of 5 months in Chicago, Missouri, Arizona- I can't even remember where else- I could have gone with him but I was worried about traveling with a little one and keeping her cooped up in a hotel. I now wish I would have gone each time! What was I thinking!!??? She was fine on the drive- I just had to prepare--snacks, drinks, stops, toys-no biggie. And being in a hotel room? It was WONDERFUL! Every morning she got to run downstairs for breakfast, the entire staff was totally enamoured with her-she even learned how to say hello in Spanish so all the housekeeping ladies fell head over heels each time she ran past them with her arms in the air saying "HOLA!" It was priceless.

She got so much attention from everyone, they all showered her with little gifts and treats, and some days there were other children she could play with. She got to go swimming in the pool twice every day and there was so much to do in area that she got to have a ton of wonderful experiences that she never would have had at home. On top of that I was less stressed--I didn't have to worry about cleaning or cooking or even making coffee-which is the task I dread every day-and I had the luxury of not being the only parent any longer! After two days in this paradise I urged my husband to stay a little longer, so we spent two whole weeks there! Which is funny because I only intended to stay a day or two!
   Our first outing was to Valley Forge- I'll write about that tomorrow, then I still have to tell you about all we did in Philadelphia, the great adventure to Sesame Place and all the stops along the ride home!


  1. That video of Zeeva is too cute!! She's adorable.

  2. I love this video, "Hola....bye!" What a little doll :)

  3. It's weird the things we put off and then when we finally do them we wonder why we didn't do them sooner! I was literally saying this to my friend yesterday as there are some things i keep putting off and i know once i do them i'll wonder why i didn't just get on with them quicker.

    Hope this might encourage you to go on more road trips with Zeeva. She is so cute in that clip and it's great that she was so well behaved in the car. How nice that you got a break too from all the day to day stuff, that can be so repetitive. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures:-)

  4. For some reason my blog never lets me "reply" to each comment.
    Cece-Thank you so much, Im so glad I finally conquered posting videos!! Many more to come!

  5. Rox- She's the cutest thing in the world isn't her!!!???

  6. Dannie- I know!! I'm totally going to do m9re road trips with Zeeva, I can't wait for the next opportunity! Never know where life will take you...if you just go along with it!! I still have so much to write about our trip and I have to catch up on all your latest adventures! Busy busy busy!!


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