Friday, September 27, 2013

Sunflower bridal shower

I had 4 events this year, 3 weddings and 1 bridal shower for my mother in law, this was a lot of fun because I got to do whatever I wanted. Here are some of the pics....

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Braces: is it over already?

Life has been insanely busy this year but things are returning to normal and most of my big 'happenings' for the year are over including the 4 events I did, having a garage sale, dancing in a Hula Show and trips to Chicago, St Louis, Kansas City, Savannah and Disney World were things I was anxious about and now they're simply documented in pictures. I still have my daughters birthday in a few weeks and there is a possibility of one more little trip this year (honey-don't get mad- we'll talk about it later) Oh yea...and there is one more little life changing event that will be happening in October...

I couldn't believe it last week when my orthodontist told me that he would like to take them off in one month...actually October 17th (which is also my mom's birthday). Part of me is pretty skeptical because there is still that one tooth that that is still not yet straight, but nevertheless it will be soon. I just cannot believe it. I cannot believe that it's almost over! This time last year they were so new to me and as the orthodontist said 'they'll look worse before they look better' and he wasn't kidding. Not to mention I had that heinous coil across the front of my teeth. The journey was just certainly hasn't been an effortless process and it certainly isn't inexpensive but I cannot explain how invaluable this LIFE LIST item of mine has been even though I fought every step along the way.  I had toyed with this idea for nearly 12 years before actually just deciding to bite the bullet and I think having my blog is what gave me that extra push I needed. I can't very well encourage others to go after their dreams and desires if I'm not. I am so happy and more than that I am so proud of myself for actually going through with it-after having adult braces is rather humbling.

I can't wait to see the results. I'm getting my hair done and trying to lose 10 more pounds before the big reveal. But of course I am a little nervous about a few things...the process of taking them off is like the opposite of getting a relaxing massage-there's a lot of tools that make really loud noises involved. Also I'm a little nervous about having some stains on my teeth (my orthodontist assures me he does't foresee that....but you never know) having braces has been a MAJOR stress in my life over the past 14 months but more than worth it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

15 more things to do in Savannah

 WHEN, not if I return to Savannah there are several places I will undoubtedly revisit and even though we certainly made the most of our two days in Savannah there is still plenty to do!

1. Take ghost story tour in a hearse

2. Eat dinner at the Pirate House (technically we did eat there but did not get to complete the experience)

3. Take a riverboat cruise

4. Actually get to drive down the 'Oak Avenue' and tour the grounds at Wormsloe

5. Take a 'Slow Ride'

6.Tour the Bonaventure Cemetery- we went but it was closed

7. Tour the house of Juliette Gordon Lowe (founder of the Girl Scouts)

8. Footprints of Savannah Walking Tours

9. Pirate Ship Cruise

10. Take a carriage ride- actually we did do this too....a really short one

11. Eat Ice Cream at Leopold's (we did...but I never found out why)

12. Savannah Rambles- I'm really getting into Architecture and this is an Architectural Walking Tour

13. Have a drink at the Six Pence Pub (saw it but it wasn't open)

14. Eat a fried green tomato

15. Tour the Mercer-Williams house

Either before or after (I choose the latter) your trip to Savannah you have to watch the following movies so you can locate all of the famous landmarks from each film.

1. Forest Gump
2. Something to Talk About
3. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
4. Bagger Vance

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