Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Save Pan Am

If you've seen the show Pan Am you'll understand my strong desire to try to help bring it back, if this is successful then I can add SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVED THE GREATEST TELEVISION SHOW OF ALL TIME to my LIFE LIST. If you have not seen the show yet...then you have to at least watch this trailer on youtube. It was only on for one season and it was one of my most favorite shows I've ever seen! I wrote one of my silly little poems about it so perhaps the network could see how devoted their viewers still are. My poem will only make sense if you've seen the show, if you haven't seen it- it is all class all the way! Set in the 60's when people dressed up to fly and demonstrated poise and elegance while traveling. Unlike the current era where you see girls wearing stretch pants with the word 'juicy' written across their butt, and the ding dong next to you INSISTS on making the loudest phone call ever the exact moment the wheels hit the runway just to talk about what a bother it is to fly in an airplane. Flying used to have an air of style and grace that we may never see again. Granted, this period was 20 years before I was even born but I somehow long for it, like it was in my past life or something. Whether is an era which is familiar to you or not, you cannot deny the nostalgic charm of this show.

Here is my poem...let it speak to your soul...

Oh how I loved the show Pan Am
Bring it back, please sir, please ma'am.

The air of class lacking today
Makes us long for yesterday...

This show has everything we desire
The writing and acting we admire.

The excitement of travel 
While romances unravel.

The cast is strikingly cute
in their infamous Pan Am suite.

Colette, the belle femme francaise
With that accent, we enjoy everything she says...

The mystique of the spys
and their large web of lies..

A shocker that Ted's fiance was gay
no matter-he loves Laura anyway.

The intrigue of the tramp
flying all over the map-

but after all, Dean is a rather handsome guy
with him as my pilot I wouldn't mind to fly.

The dialogue is new, sharp and smart
The plot is unique and has lots of heart

Well, what more can I say...
I'd watch Pan Am EVERY DAY!


  1. Never saw the show, but I did see them when I went to Comic Con one year. They were giving away cute travel bags that said Pan Am on them.

    Good luck trying to get your show back on!

    1. How funny they were at Comic Con...I assume there's a Pan Am comic...

      I don't think they liked my poem...they deleted it from their website.

  2. Aww, have seen the trailer before, not my kind of show, but love the poem and your dedication to the show! Hope it at least creates some kind of buzz with the right people:-)

    1. No buzz! I posted it on the Pam an Facebook page and they removed it :(


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