Thursday, January 30, 2014


Right now I am working on a LIFE LIST goal I've been wanting to do for YEARS....actually watch all the Oscar Nominated films before the Academy Awards. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite projects, it's like a scavenger hunt trying to track all of these movies down, there was one that was down right terrible and a waste of my life but it is interesting to watch these movies that I wouldn't typically be interesting in renting i.e. Star Trek Into Darkness. Also I hadn't been to the movies in nearly 4 years and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. There's a few I plan to just see by myself and a few that I will see with my international students so it's an easy goal to do with others too! I have 45 more movies to see in 32 days...I might have to sneak out to the show tonight!

There are several other things that I'm working on at the moment like home improvements, weight loss and perfecting my teeth I post updates, daily photos and which Oscar nom I'm watching that day on The Ultimate Life List facebook's page so if you haven't already please LIKE The Ultimate Life List on facebook by clicking here.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Where: Kansas City Botanic Garden

When: June 2013
OBVIOUSLY this was my favorite. I heart BUFFALO!
Cost: $10

Why this is on my list: As I mentioned, Kansas City is not very 'touristy' so I had to dig to find things to do...however the things that I did find to do were very unique and interesting. I always enjoy botanic gardens and always try to find one when I'm traveling but I had no idea that this one was hosting a large nature themed LEGO exhibit which made it so much more fun to me and my 2 year old.

Something I'd recommend? It's definitely a great day out if you live in the area!

Will I go again? If I find myself in Kansas City again and the Powell Gardens are holding another exhibit, then yes. But even if we do go back this was about an hour away from where we were staying so I would probably only make the drive to see a new exhibit. When we go out of town we always drive which is a lot to ask of a toddler so I try to limit the drive time after we reach our destination.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 places to take your kiddos during this COLD winter

It's colder than heck outside so taking advantage of the opportunity to play in the snow is out of the question particularly with the smaller kids but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Here is a list of some great INDOOR play areas in the tri-county area, several have multiple locations. My girlfriend asked me the other day if I knew of a good place to host children's birthday parties...I said I wasn't sure, then as I looked at this list I had already made I realized that most of these facilities have birthday party packages too! So keep them in mind this frigid winter I've included the links to each website for you to check the hours and prices.
  1. Jungle Java
  2. Pump it Up
  3. Tiny Town Play Lounge
  4. Airtime Trampoline
  5. Castaway Play
  6. Cranbrook Institute of Science 
  7. Tea Party Castle
  8. Rochester Play
  9. Busy Bodies 
  10. Chuck E. Cheese's 


When: I started last January 2013 and I'm still doing it!

Where: In the nursery at my church.

Why this is on my list? I have always wanted to volunteer and have tried many, many times over the years. I was unsuccessful for a myriad of reasons; either they didn't need me, I wasn't 'qualified', or they just never responded to my inquiry...back in 2008 when the economy really took a nosedive in Michigan I couldn't find a job so I thought that would be a good time to become a Big Sister....they said they had no need for me. So, the economy in Michigan was actually so bad that I couldn't even get a job that paid nothing. Last year I chose the nursery at my church so it could be something I could do without spending time away from my daughter...and they accepted

Something I'd recommend? Certainly, below I created a list of possible places to volunteer both locally and globally. Obviously, wherever you volunteer you will feel fulfilled, it's very rewarding and volunteers are always appreciated.

2. Zoos
3. Women's Shelters
4. Hospitals
5. Museums
6. Big Brother/Big Sister
7. Habitat for Humanity 
8. United Nations
9. World Wildlife Fund

Will I continue with it? I will, right now I'm working a lot and feeling a little overwhelmed so I'm going to cut back for a few months but I do intend to volunteer there indefinitely. Before I had a child, I remember driving past daycare facilities and thinking 'you couldn't pay me enough to work at a daycare.' I often find myself shaking my head thinking about the person I was before I was before I had my child....they say 'people don't change' uh, yea they do. Now, I not only LOVE working with the kids but I do for free, I drive a long distance to get there and I've got to get up early on Sundays but I genuinely enjoy it, those kids are so stinkin' cute!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Ultimate Life List

My list needed some attention, so here it is in one comprehensive long list...'my' Ultimate Life List the first chunk is things I want to do and the second block in pink are things I've already done.
  1. Meet a President
  2. Take the Polar Plunge
  3. Cage dive with sharks
  4. Plan an Event for The Wounded Warrior Project
  5. Snowboard
  6. Dog Sled
  7. Start a Fire Without Matches
  8. Stay at the Ritz in Paris
  9. Go to Antarctica
  10. Own a months' worth of Michigan themed clothing
  11. Finally get my CPL
  12. Get my book published
  13. Wear a Trench Coat and Heels and Nothing Else in Public
  14. Take my Daughter to Santa's Village in Finland 
  15. Ride in a Submarine 
  16. Attend the Lederhosen Festival in Austria 
  17. Go to Mardi Gras
  18. Open a Champagne Bottle With a Knife 
  19. Walk Across Hot Coals
  20. Travel From Russia to China on The Trans Siberian Railway 
  21. Take Archery Lessons
  22. Go Zorbing 
  23. Walk Along the Great Wall
  24. Take a Tour of The White House 
  25. Spend the 4th of July in D.C. 
  26. Take a Glass Blowing Class
  27. Wear an Abaya in the Middle East 
  28. Zip Line 
  29. Storm Chase in Tornado Alley 
  30. Take a Bagpiping Lesson in Scotland 
  31. Ride a Segway 
  32. Indoor Skydive
  33. Parasail
  34. Chop Wood
  35. Earn a second B.A. in German
  36. Become a certified translator in German
  37. Get a job with the U.S. Government 
  38. Volunteer at a Veteran's Hospital 
  39. Join the Daughter's of the American Revolution 
  40. Stay on a Working Ranch
  41. Stay at the Taj Lake Palace in India 
  42. Be in a Flash Mob
  43. Sleep in an Ice Hotel
  44. Ski
  45. White House Easter Egg Roll
  46. Ride an Ostrich 
  47. Be buried in a Veteran's Cemetery
  48. Join a shooting league 
  49. Dive in The Great Barrier Reef
  50. Tutor French 
  51. Make an Ice Sculpture 
  52. Rent a Horse
  53. Have High Tea at the Ritz in England 
  54. Go Horse Back Riding in all 50 States
  55. Carry a Concealed Weapon 
  56. Go up in the Skyview Globe in Sweden 
  57. Get a 14K Gold Facial 
  58. Ride in a Reindeer Drawn Sleigh in Finland
  59. 30 Days of Michigan Inspired Clothing
  60. Ride a Horse on the Beach
  61. Go Horse Back Riding on a Glacier in Alaska
  62. Go to the Top of Chimney Rock 
  63. Read 1 Book About Each U.S. President 
  64. Ride in a Helicopter
  65. See the Lost City of Petra 
  66. Take a Sailing Cruise
  67. Get a Snake Massage in Israel
  68. Take a Sea Plane Tour
  69. See Cirque du Soleil 
  70. Have Boudoir Photos Taken 
  71. Cattle Drive With Double Rafter Cattle Drive
  72. Run Across the Golden Gate Bridge 
  73. Buy a Fur Coat 
  74. Go on a Lobster Boat Tour
  75. Surf 
  76. Swim With Sea Lions in the Bahamas 
  77. Swim With dolphins
  78. Become SCUBA Certified 
  79. Stay at the Igloo Village in Finland
  80. Wear a Drindl in Germany
  81. Buy a Giant Amethyst Geode  
  82. Get a Geisha Facial
  83. Spend July 4th in D.C. 
  84. Stand Under Niagra Falls
  85. Drink from Das Boot in Germany 
  86. See Neuschwanstein Castle 
  87. Be on a Game Show
  88. Volunteer With the UN
  89. Learn 50 Words/Phrases in Aramaic 
  90. Take a Hebrew Class
  91. Be a Bee Keeper for a Day
  92. See the Karst Mountains in China
  93. See wulingyuan scenic area in China 
  94. Visit a Buffalo Farm 
  95. Ride the Atomium in Belgium
  96. Become a Better Poker Player
  97. Become Better at Billiards 
  98. Oktoberfest in Germany 
  99. See the Terra Cotta Warriors 
  100. Swim With Crocodiles in Australia 
  101. Walk Along Giant's Causeway in Ireland 
  102. Mud Walk in the Netherlands 
  103. Kizi Pogost in Russia 
  104. Experience Weightless Flight (cloud 9)
  105. Ice Fish 
  106. Attend a Live Taping of a Talk Show
  107. Reach my Life Goal Weight
  108. Trapeze!
  109. Spend a Night in an Aquarium 
  110. Take a Few Ice Skating Lessons
  111. Walk Around the SkyWalk at the Grand Canyon 
  112. Learn How to Make Balloon Animals 
  113. Go Glamping
  114. Drive on the Autobahn 
  115. Cooking Classes
  116. Stand Underneath Niagra Falls
  117. Attend a Flamenco Workshop
  118. Own a Hot Tub
  119. See a Baob Tree
  120. Ride a Beer Bicycle in Germany 
  121. 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk
  122. Have my Daughter's Name Tattooed on me
  123. Go to The Kentucky Derby 
  124. Go to T.I.G.E.R.S. South Carolina 
  125. Donate my Hair to Locks of Love
  126. See San Francisco by Trolley  
  127. White Water Raft 
  128. Have a Flamenco Dress Made in Spain 
  129. Go to SeaWorld 
  130. Hold a Baby Panda Bear in Chengdu 
  131. Stunning Flower Gardens at my House
  132. Hand Painted Mural in my House
  133. Opera Singing Lessons 
  134. Ride a Funicular 
  135. Plan a Family Reunion 
  136. Learn to Fence
  137. Ride on a Yacht 
  138. Eat Alligator Meat 
  139. See Big Ben in England 
  140. Make a Quilt From my Daughter's Baby Clothes
  141. Take at Least 1 Fencing Class
  142. Be In a Commercial 
  143. Ride a Mule Inside the Grand Canyon
  144. Watch a Khmer Dance in Cambodia 
  145. Go to a Horse Race
  146. Visit All 7 Continents 
  147. Stained Glass Windows
  148. See a Show at the Moulin Rouge 
  149. Swim With Manatees in Crystal River Florida 
  150. Have a Chalkboard Wall in my House
  151. Bobsled in Switzerland 
  152. Have a Wall With all my Life Listing Pictures
  153. Buy an Ice Sculpture 
  154. Mud Bath
  155. Mud Wrestle 
  156. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge 
  157. See Wild Kangaroos in Australia 
  158. Sleep in a Cave
  159. Go to Confession 
  160. Send an Anonymous Letter
  161. Send a Secret to P.S. 
  162. Go to a Zydeco Bar
  163. Rent a Houseboat
  164. Kiss the Blarney Stone 
  165. Take an Elephant Safari in India 
  166. See the Liberty Bell
  167. Get a boob job
  168. Ice Fish
  169. Have a Perfect Credit Score
  170. Take a Covered Bridges Tour 
  171. Visit the Pineapple Farm in Hawaii
  172. Pay Cash for a New Car 
  173. Renew our Vows in Vegas
  174. Have a Security System and Emergency Back Up Plan
  175. Donate to Doctors Without Borders 
  176. Donate to St Jude
  177. Eat at a SPAM Restaurant in Hawaii
  178. Hold a Lemur 
  179. Buy a Large Globe 
  180. Hire a Bagpiper for Something
  181. Paint my Face for a Sports Game
  182. Grow Pumpkins 
  183. Take a Flamenco Lesson in Spain 
  184. See a Flamenco Show in Spain 
  185.  Ride a Tandem Bicycle
  186. Visit a Flower Farm 
  187. Watch Sufi Dancers in India 
  188. Paddle/Swim with Orcas 
  189. Have a Dress Made 
  190. Eat Rattlesnake in Texas
  191. Sydney Opera House 
  192. Pick Apples
  193. Get a Cocktail at a Swim Up Bar
  194. See the Highland Cows in Scotland 
  195. Pick Oranges in Florida
  196. Pick Peaches in Georgia 
  197. Go to The Lobster Festival in Maine 
  198. Go on a Mission Trip 
  199. Ride a Snow Machine in Alaska 
  200. Retake a Childhood Photo at Wall Drug
  201. Watch 100 French films
  202. Take a Roman Bath in England 
  203. Tithe 10% for a Whole Year
  204. Swim 
  205. Create a Panic Room
  206. Join the Red Hat Society 
  207. See the Forbidden City in China
  208. Join the PTA
  209. Horse Ski in Switzerland 
  210. Watch 100 Documentaries 
  211. Visit a Traditional Beer Hall in Austria 
  212. Volunteer With Habitat for Humanity 
  213. Be able to play 25 songs on my violin 
  214. Learn to Play the Cello 
  215. Go on a Splash Tour in the Netherlands 
  216. Swim with Whale Sharks at Nigaloo Reef 
  217. Try Puffin in Iceland
  218. Stonehenge 
  219. Become Debt Free
  220. Ride a Camel to the Pyramids in Egypt 
  221. Become a Foster Parent 
  222. Llama Trek in the Smokey Mountains 
  223. Stay at the Elephant Sanctuary in Arkansas 
  224. See the Lipizzaner Stallions in Austria 
  225. Take a Pottery Class
  226. See a Bull Fight in Spain 
  227. Angkor Vat Cambodia 
  228. See the Taj Mahal 
  229. Hold a Tiger Cub
  230. Hold a Lion Cub 
  231. Galapagos Island 
  232. Wear Fake Eyelashes
  233. Attend an Islamic Service
  234. Visit the Sea Horse Farm in Hawaii
  235. Stay at Dolly's Cabins in the Smokies
  236. Eat in a Revolving Restaurant 
  237. Get a Bird
  238. Surprise my Daughter With a Bunny on Easter
  239. Buy a Bottle of Cristal 
  240. Lactation Consultant 
  241. Get Up Close With a Gorilla 
  242. Create a Living Revocable Trust
  243. See the Christo Statue in Brazil
  244. Hold a Koala Bear 
  245. Attend a Service at a Synagogue 
  246. Go to a Hindu Temple 
  247. Snorkel in Jelly Fish Lake 
  248. Have an Interaction With a Beluga Whale at Shedd Aquarium 
  249. Sheer a Sheep
  250. Take 1 Tennis Lesson 
  251. See a Rodeo Out West
  252. Give up Solids for Lent 
  253. Drive Around the USA in a Rented RV
  254. Go to the Top of the Statue of Liberty
  255. Visit All 50 States 
  256. Try Caribou in Alaska
  257. 25 Christmas Themed Outfits 
  258. Dye my Hair Brown
  259. Go Snow Tubing 
  260. See a Toucan in the Wild 
  261. Get a Henna Tattoo
  262. See the Pinnacles Desert in Australia 
  263. Actually Watch All the Oscar Nominees 
  264. Go on a Date Wearing our Wedding Clothing 
  265. Buy and Wear a Hat with Feathers
  266. Churchill Canada Polar Bears Tour 
  267. Stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island
  268. Gamble at a Casino in Las Vegas 
  269. Watch a Sumo Wrestling Match 
  270. Husky Safari in Finland 
  271. Video Tape my Grandpa's Stories 
  272. Make a Scrapbook
  273. See the Giant Buddha in China 
  274. Ride in a Karaoke Taxi
  275. Dance with my Step-Dad's Flamenco Group
  276. Go to a Drive in Movie 
  277. Night Dive With Manta Rays in Hawaii
  278. Work on a Project With UNESCO
  279. Dine at the Top of the Space Needle 
  280. Easter Island 
  281. Pick Cotton 
  282. See St Basil in Russia 
  283. Buy a Sari in India
  284. Run with the Bulls
  285. Take a Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride in the Snow (
  286. Pick Grapes
  287. Purchase a Large Amount of Butterflies for an Occasion 
  288. Go Christmas Caroling 
  289. Sleep at a Sloth Rescue in Costa Rica 
  290. Willis Tower
  291. Acknowledge my Perfect Attendance in 5th Grade on an Application
  292. Wear a Fun Wig 
  293. Own a Peacock
  294. Learn a Square Dance 
  295. Pig Out on Fat Tuesday
  296. Spend Thanksgiving in Plymouth Massachusetts
  297. Covered Wagon Tour (
  298. Ride an Icelandic Iceland 
  299. Take a Native American Indian Tour 
  300. Ride the Aquarium Elevator in Berlin
  301. Go to The Newseum in D.C. 
  302. Have Dinner in the Sky in Belgium
  303. Jump a Horse
  304. Eat at Ninja New York
  305. Drive Across the Millau Viaduct Bridge in France
  306. See a Ballet in Russia 
  307. Write Something on the Black Lava in Hawaii
  308. Float in the Dead Sea 
  309. See a Cactus in the Desert 
  310. Learn the 'Single Ladies' Dance
  311. Walk the Walking Roller-coaster in Germany 
  312. Take an Airboat Tour 
  313. Take a College Class With my Husband
  314. Take a Dance Class With my Husband 
  315. Swim with Humpback Whales
  316. Cage Dive with Hammer Head Sharks
  317. Ride a Longhorn Bull Down the Street in Texas
  318. Hitachi Sea Side Park in Japan
  319. Stand in 'Garden Tomb' Where Jesus Was resurrected 
  320. Go Inside the Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska 
  321. Walk Through a Bamboo Forrest 
  322. See the Tianzi Mountains in China
  323. Actually Know Everything on the Voting Ballet 
  324. Attend a Service at Notre Dame in Paris 
  325. Donkey Trek in The Swiss Alps 
  326. Train Exotic Animals in Oklahoma 
  327. Surprise Someone with a Puppy (again)
  328. Maple Sugaring 
  329. Stay at a Working Farm 
  330. Sign up for the Mrs. Michigan Pageant 
  331. Take Another English Literature Class
  332. Attend a Pow Pow
  333. Visit Anne Franks' House 
  334. Take a Picture With a Guard at Buckingham Palace
  335. Join the 300 Club
  336. Get a Personalized License Plate 
  337. Lounge in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  338. Ride in a Cable Car 
  339. Walk Through Antelope Canyon in Arizona 
  340. Eat at a Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines 
  341. Buy an Insanely Expensive Mattress
  342. Walk on the Salt Flats 
  343. Take the Sound of Music Tour in Austria 
  344. Maccu Piccu 
  345. See Noah's Arc
  346. See Belly Dancers in Egypt 
  347. Go Inside an Ice Cave in Austria 
  348. Live to See a Female President in the USA
  349. Cook Everyday for 1 Year
  350. Tour Buckingham Palace 
  351. Recycle All my Garbage 
  352. Buy a Green Grapes Costume 
  353. Watch a Live Birth....Preferably an Animal
  354. Put a Prayer in the Western Wall in Israel 
  355. Have my Favorite Songs in One Place
  356. Buy an Entire Set of Cutco Knives 
  357. See the Dazu Rock Carvings in China 
  358. Climb to Taktsang in Bhutan 
  359. Ride a Recumbent Bicycle 
  360. Attend Church Every Sunday for 1 Year
  361. Wadi Kharrar 
  362. Spend the Night in a Castle 
  363. Guest Ranch
  364. Gullfoss in Iceland 
  365. Wear a Bikini in Public 
  366. La Segrada Familia 
  367. Buy a Wet Suit
  368. Ride in a Tuk Tuk
  369. Finally Buy the $200 'Le Bon Usage' French Dictionary 
  370. Eat Icelandic Sheep 
  371. See a Real Geisha 
  372. Visit Swarovski Crystal World in Austria 
  373. See The Great Sphinx 
  374. See The Great Pyramids 
  375. Try Kangaroo Steak in Australia 
  376. Review Hotels
  377. See the Northern Lights 
  378. Ride a Totora Boat in Peru
  379. Buy a Cigar Store Indian 
  380. Ballet Clothing
  381. Hike Through Arches National Park in Utah 
  382. Drink a Cocktail out of a Fruit
  383. See a Glacier 
  384. Giraffe Manor in Kenya 
  385. See Uluru in Australia 
  386. Fissure Snorkel in Iceland
  1. Watch a Cage Fight 
  2. Krav Maga
  3. Tour The Pentagon
  4. Pass the Level 1 Krav Maga test
  5. Shoot a Handgun
  6. Shoot Sporting Clays 
  7. See the Mona Lisa
  8. Spend a Day at Versailles 
  9. See the Bank Jesse James Robbed
  10. Stay at the Hyatt at the Arch Hotel
  11. Spend Christmas Day at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier 
  12. Sneak into a Stranger's Wedding 
  13. Eat at Cinderella's Castle
  14. See the Kansas City Public Library
  15. Eat at a Restaurant featured on the Food Network
  16. Get my Braces Off
  17. See My Daughter Dance With Prince Charming
  18. An Onstage Flamenco Performance 
  19. Fly First Class to Paris
  20. Skydive 
  21. Go to Punxatawney for Groundhog Day
  22. Go to the Top of The Arc de Triomph 
  23. Skinny Dip 
  24. Take a Flying Lesson 
  25. Write and Submit my Book Proposal 
  26. Swim With Sea Turtles 
  27. Visit a Gospel Church 
  28. Go to Shipshewana 
  29. Mt Rushmore
  30. Go to the Top of the Eiffel Tower 
  31. Find my Giant Lobster 
  32. Visit the Louvre 
  33. Visit L.L. Bean in the Middle of the Night 
  34. Ride a Trolley 
  35. Learn to Play the Violin 
  36. Swedish Massage 
  37. Go to Sesame Place 
  38. Sesame Place Halloween Spooktacular 
  39. See an Active Volcano 
  40. Get a Black Eye
  41. Translate a Book Into Another Language 
  42. Oil Paint
  43. Snorkel 
  44. Ice Skate in Rockefeller Center 
  45. Play With Baby Bears 
  46. Millennium Park in Chicago 
  47. Surprise Visit Someone in Another State
  48. Fly in a Surprise Visitor 
  49. Take an Amish Horse and Buggy Ride 
  50. Dye my Hair Red
  51. See the Shoe House
  52. Buy a House
  53. Donate Blood
  54. Take Dressage Lessons
  55. Polynesian Dance Class
  56. Perform in a Hula Dance Show
  57. Ride a Train
  58. Meet my Soul Mate
  59. Visit an Alpaca farm 
  60. Wait to Discover the Sex of our Baby
  61. Earn my Associate's Degree 
  62. Eurobungy 
  63. Earn my B.A. in French Language and Literature 
  64. Hire Cinderella 
  65. Become a Certified French Translator 
  66. Rescue a Kitten
  67. Take a Castle Tour in Loire Valley 
  68. Drive Down the Curviest Street in the World 
  69. Stay at the Kona Village Resort
  70. See Cloudgate
  71. Walk 5 Miles/Day for 50 Days
  72. Study College Level Russian
  73. Study College Level Arabic
  74. See The Akaka Falls
  75. Get a Physical
  76. Get a Cocktail to-go
  77. Experience Pregnancy 
  78. See an Active Volcano 
  79. Visit Savannah 
  80. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast 
  81. Stay at The Animal Kingdom Lodge
  82. Feed a Giraffe
  83. Give a Gag Gift at a Wedding 
  84. Eat at Paula Dean's Restaurant 
  85. See the Giant Redwoods in California 
  86. Take a Boat Ride in Central Park 
  87. Hold an Alligator
  88. See Wormsloe Plantation 
  89. Have Surgery 
  90. See The Blue Man Group Live
  91. Buy a Pair of Gucci Shoes on 5th Ave
  92. Take a Ride in a Pedicab
  93. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  94. Dance on Top of a Bar in NYC
  95. Dance on Stage at a Concert 
  96. Meet Someone Famous 
  97. Go to the Top of the Washington Monument 
  98. Go on a Mystery Dinner Train Ride 
  99. Eat at Cheers in Boston 
  100. Meet the Naked Cowboy in NYC
  101. Hold a Monkey 
  102. See The Changing of The Guard in D.C.
  103. Go to the Opera
  104. Ride in a Limo
  105. Go to a Luau in Hawaii
  106. Become CPR Certified 
  107. Legoland
  108. Disney World 
  109. Top of the Gateway Arch
  110. Stay at the Hotel Hershey
  111. Get Engaged Under the Eiffel Tower
  112. Drive Through Safari 
  113. Translate Professionally 
  114. Learn How to Crochet
  115. Drive Around an Entire Island 
  116. Hula Outfit
  117. Buy a Flamenco Dress
  118. Flamenco Shawl
  119. Stand Barefoot in the Black Sand Beach 
  120. Hot Stone Massage 
  121. Facial
  122. Manicure/Pedicure 
  123. Give Birth
  124. Have Something Waxed
  125. Have Something Pierced 
  126. Go to Cedar Point 
  127. Ride a Jet Ski
  128. Milk a Cow
  129. Drink Dom Perignon 
  130. Genealogy of my mom's family
  131. Own a Dodge Charger 
  132. Sleep in the nude
  133. Gain Recognition for The Best Hugger Award
  134. Be a Bridesmaid 
  135. Get Braces
  136. Get a Funny Tattoo
  137. Get Matching Tattoos
  138. See a Psychic
  139. Get Acupuncture 
  140. Sing in a Band
  141. Plant 100 Trees
  142. Have my Portrait Painted
  143. Have my Portrait Painted Along the Seine in Paris
  144. Swedish Massage 
  145. Kansas City Botanic Garden
  146. Own a Piece of History 
  147. Work With Horses 
  148. Start a LIFE LIST Blog
  149. Tour a Brewery 
  150. Do Wedding Flowers Out of my House
  151. Take a Spinning Class
  152. Aerobics 
  153. Buy a Nice Camera 
  154. Juice
  155. Buy Meat From a Butcher 
  156. Become a Mother
  157. Have a daughter 
  158. Breastfeed
  159. Donate my Breast Milk
  160. Become a Floral Designer 
  161. Work at a Horse Stable 
  162. Have a housekeeper
  163. Make a blanket
  164. Shop at Tiffany's on 5th Avenue 
  165. Fancy Photo Shoot 
  166. Eat Kobe Beef
  167. Go to the Movies Alone
  168. Go to the Top of the Empire State Building 
  169. Get an iphone 
  170. Volunteer
  171. T Rex Cafe 
  172. Good Furniture 
  173. Eat Black Truffles 
  174. Grow Sunflowers
  175. Stand in the Southern Most Tip of The USA
  176. Paint a Coconut and Mail it
  177. Watch Square Dancers 
  178. Buy a Flat Screen
  179. Buy a Pair of Gucci Shoes on 5th Ave
  180. Buy a Versace Top in Paris 
  181. Medieval Times
  182. Buy Cast Iron Pans 
  183. Have my Make Up Professionally Done 
  184. Apologize to those I've hurt
  185. Go Fishing 
  186. Be A Part Of A Flashmob
  187. Put a Boa Around My Neck
  188. Swim With Sting Rays
  189. BYOB Painting
  190. Watch All The Oscar Nominated Films Before The Academy Awards
  191. Go On A Cruise To The Bahamas

Monday, January 20, 2014


When: June 2013

Where: T REX CAFE in Kansas City Kansas

Why this is on my list? I took my daughter on a day of LIFE LISTING fun, we went to Legoland, the Kansas City Aquarium, a train themed restaurant, a crayola restaurant and then I thought if we had time we'd go to this T REX CAFE for dinner...what I didn't realize was that it was in Kansas. As I crossed over the state line into Kansas from Missouri I was thinking how cool this was because it was a new state for me, I was also thinking about the fact that there was not 1 person who even knew I was in Kansas at this point. The T REX CAFE is a sister restaurant to the Rainforest Cafe which we love for the ambiance so to find a dinosaur themed restaurant...this was a no brainer.

Something I'd recommend? This was indisputably the coolest restaurant I've ever been to. I loved everything about it. Every flawless centimeter was in either the Jurassic, Mesozoic or Ice Age motif including the titles of the meals and drinks. I live for places like this! Anything fun, over the top and wild has my full attention and enthusiasm. This place was a million times better than I had hoped it would be, I thought the Rainforest Cafe did a good job with its animatronic jungle creatures and decor-the T-REX CAFE blew them out of the water. I certainly recommend a visit though there are only 2 locations that I am aware of, the other is in Downtown Disney World in Florida.

Will I go again? Are dinosaurs extinct? Of course I'll go again, we were going to go to the one in Disney but there was a really long wait. What I loved about Kansas City was that even though it is not a huge vacation destination we found some of the most unique things to do there. I was a great trip.
The Bathroom..that's hysterical.

For a very small fee you could go inside the play-totally worth it!

2 of my favorite things in 1 place...dinosaurs and huge amethyst  geodes! I was in heaven.  

What's the most unique restaurant you've been to?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

50 life list ideas

These are all experiences that I think everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. The items on this list are attainable to anyone regardless of gender or adult age and are affordable. The following list of 50 life list ideas are all things that I have done and all right here in my home state of Michigan. Though this list is not exclusive to Michiganders, in fact, these are things you could pretty much do wherever you live with the exception of Deleware, I assume you can't do any of these things in there because there is absolutely nothing to do in Deleware. So if you want to start a LIFE LIST but don't know where to begin, begin right in your home state!
  1. Skydive
  2. Ride a Motorcycle
  3. Hot Air Balloon
  4. Ride a Horse
  5. Surprise Someone
  6. Hot Stone Massage
  7. Ice Skate
  8. Fly First Class
  9. Volunteer
  10. Buy a Puppy
  11. Rescue a Kitten
  12. Acupuncture
  13. Take a Flying Lesson
  14. See a Psychic
  15. Go Tubing Down a River
  16. Sing Karaoke
  17. Shoot a Handgun
  18. Shoot Sporting Clays
  19. Ride a Jet Ski
  20. Take a Self Defense Class
  21. Go Camping
  22. Go to a Casino
  23. Crash a Wedding
  24. Go to the Opera
  25. Meet Someone Famous
  26. Learn How to Make a Flower Arrangement
  27. Graduate From College
  28. Learn a New Language
  29. Get a Tattoo
  30. Plant 100 Trees
  31. Get a Manicure/Pedicure 
  32. Get a Facial
  33. Paint a Picture
  34. Crochet a Scarf
  35. Fish
  36. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument (violin)
  37. Go to an Inflatable Bounce House 
  38. Plant a Garden
  39. Go on a Blind Date
  40. Donate Blood
  41. Milk a Cow
  42. Go Skinny Dipping 
  43. See a Drive In Movie
  44. Hula Dance
  45. Learn to Flamenco Dance
  46. Take a Spinning Class
  47. Take a Mystery Dinner Train Ride
  48. Become CPR Certified
  49. Fall in Love
  50. Drink Dom Perignon

If you have any inquiries about any of the above LIFE LIST experiences please email me at

Which of these experiences have you had? Will you do any of these things this year?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


“There are not too many fables about mans misuse of sunflower seeds”  Richard Brautigan 
Where: Originally I planted these in my back yard but my dad didn't realize they were there and mowed over them. He was trying to be nice doing us a favor when we were out of town, I didn't say anything about it but I had been watching them grow for about 6 weeks and was a little bummed, but I decided even though according to the instructions, it was a little late in the season (late June) I'd try replanting anyhow and this is what they looked like by the middle of August!

When: I planted these in June and they bloomed in August.

Cost: Less than $5

Why this is on my list: I just like sunflowers. I love passing a large field of bloomed sunflowers and always knew that when I had a house one day I wanted to plant my own.
That's one happy little bee right there.
Something I'd recommend? Yes, in fact, I read this article in Time Magazine after mine had bloomed about the possibility of the Bumble Bee going extinct and it made me feel so fulfilled about my contribution to their food supply. "One thing we can all do to help is by planting bee friendly flowers in backyard gardens and keeping them free of pesticides." Not only do I recommend planting sunflowers but I'd like to encourage you to plant just a few seeds each year in an effort to help save the Honeybee!! Honeybees were all over my sunflowers, so it's a win-win, they get to eat organic pollen and you have the pleasure of watching these enormously beautiful flowers grow right in your yard.

Will I do it again? Absolutely. Not only is it a fun thing to do with my daughter, they are beautiful to look at but now that I know what I know about bees I will plant more this year just for them! Some people like to feed the birds...I'm gonna feed the bees. The annual value of the Honeybee to agricultural farming is over $15 billion and unfortunately they are dying off in extreme numbers most likely due to the large amounts of pesticides used on our foods today. Without the Honeybee we will start to see our fruit and vegetable supply diminish rapidly, and there are some foods like almonds which are completely dependent on Honeybee pollination. Hannah Nordhaus wrote a book called The Beekeepers Lament and  says that "Honeybees are the glue that holds our agricultural system together". So, who's with me?
“The sunflower is mine, in a way” Vincent Van Gogh 

If you have pictures of sunflowers you have grown please post them to The Ultimate Life List's facebook page!

Have you grown sunflowers? 

Will you this year to help save the Honeybee?

Monday, January 6, 2014

15 awesome finds at one of Michigan's finest small businesses

Several years ago I found this unique small business in one of my favorite towns in Michigan. Over time I've become close with the lovely family who owns The Birdfeeder/Bonnie and Clyde in Clarkston. They like to offer their customers a large variety of locally made and Mitten inspired products. About 2 years ago I decided to start a blog for the Michigan Enthusiast but have not found the time, recently one of the owners of this family run business mentioned they were looking for someone to blog about their store. Without hesitation I accepted the was not necessarily offered to me...but I accepted none the less.

This family owned store has blossomed over the past 22 years into 3 different, yet combined shops; there's the boutique called Bonnie and Clyde where you can find the latest trends in clothes, jewelry, shoes, belts, scarves...etc. The Birdfeeder is where you can find every thing you need to take care of the wild birds in your yard but also is where you can find home decor items, Michigan made products and gifts. Then they also have The Clarkston Flower Shoppe with a group of very talented designers who love to think outside of the box to create unforgettable floral arrangements.  It's basically all things that I love in one spot. In fact, if I owned a business it would be very similar to this one, so I am very excited about my new opportunity to write about this store that is totally Ultimate Michigander worthy. Though this charming boutique has no shortage of Michigan made treasures you can also find all sorts of other unique goodies...

1. It's so cold in the D koozie from Detroit Apparel Factory out of Clarkston $4

2. Pillow printed on front and back $20.99

3. Women's Made in Detroit sweatshirt $58 company owned by Kid Rock

4.  Unique decorative plant holder $99.99

5. Granite coasters, set of 4 $32.50

6. Lake Art photo album, can be personalized $72.99

7. Assorted winter hats, shown above $38  

8. Made in Detroit fidel cap, multiple colors $25

9. Lionblood tee, created by NFL Detroit Lion's Wide Receiver Nate Burleson, $31

10. Kiss me I'm from Michigan women's tee $28.50

11. Hand carved by a local artist, styles and prices vary.

12. Creative floral designs available. Above shown-arrangement with military statue $225

13. A large variety of custom made signs, styles/sizes/prices vary.

14. Gizaun indoor/outdoor artwork. Styles/sizes/prices vary. Above shown $88

15. Bottle lamps, styles/prices vary.

All of the above items are available at The Birdfeeder/Bonnie and Clyde located on Main Street in Downtown Clarkston, Michigan @ 7150 North Main Street, Clarkston Mi. 248.625.9007.

Disclaimer: Prices are based per item. Most of the above items are made or printed in Michigan. Information printed above is relevant only as of January 2014. 

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Click HERE to view my list of 15 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Michigander which I am so proud to say was printed on the front page of The Oakland Press the week before Christmas.

For any further information about this store or The Ultimate Life List you can email me at

What are your favorite Michigan products and/or businesses?

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