Thursday, January 23, 2014


When: I started last January 2013 and I'm still doing it!

Where: In the nursery at my church.

Why this is on my list? I have always wanted to volunteer and have tried many, many times over the years. I was unsuccessful for a myriad of reasons; either they didn't need me, I wasn't 'qualified', or they just never responded to my inquiry...back in 2008 when the economy really took a nosedive in Michigan I couldn't find a job so I thought that would be a good time to become a Big Sister....they said they had no need for me. So, the economy in Michigan was actually so bad that I couldn't even get a job that paid nothing. Last year I chose the nursery at my church so it could be something I could do without spending time away from my daughter...and they accepted

Something I'd recommend? Certainly, below I created a list of possible places to volunteer both locally and globally. Obviously, wherever you volunteer you will feel fulfilled, it's very rewarding and volunteers are always appreciated.

2. Zoos
3. Women's Shelters
4. Hospitals
5. Museums
6. Big Brother/Big Sister
7. Habitat for Humanity 
8. United Nations
9. World Wildlife Fund

Will I continue with it? I will, right now I'm working a lot and feeling a little overwhelmed so I'm going to cut back for a few months but I do intend to volunteer there indefinitely. Before I had a child, I remember driving past daycare facilities and thinking 'you couldn't pay me enough to work at a daycare.' I often find myself shaking my head thinking about the person I was before I was before I had my child....they say 'people don't change' uh, yea they do. Now, I not only LOVE working with the kids but I do for free, I drive a long distance to get there and I've got to get up early on Sundays but I genuinely enjoy it, those kids are so stinkin' cute!

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  1. I've done various bits of volunteering over the years. I have also encountered organisations that wouldn't get back to me or didn't really seem interested in my help. It's great that you have tried though and that you have been able to volunteer at the church nursery and are doing your bit. Volunteering can be great fun!

    Think your right as well, people do change and life events help to change us and make us a different person.xx

    1. I had to cut back a little but it's still nice and I do love being in the nursery....little kiddos are so sweet!


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