Thursday, January 30, 2014


Right now I am working on a LIFE LIST goal I've been wanting to do for YEARS....actually watch all the Oscar Nominated films before the Academy Awards. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite projects, it's like a scavenger hunt trying to track all of these movies down, there was one that was down right terrible and a waste of my life but it is interesting to watch these movies that I wouldn't typically be interesting in renting i.e. Star Trek Into Darkness. Also I hadn't been to the movies in nearly 4 years and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. There's a few I plan to just see by myself and a few that I will see with my international students so it's an easy goal to do with others too! I have 45 more movies to see in 32 days...I might have to sneak out to the show tonight!

There are several other things that I'm working on at the moment like home improvements, weight loss and perfecting my teeth I post updates, daily photos and which Oscar nom I'm watching that day on The Ultimate Life List facebook's page so if you haven't already please LIKE The Ultimate Life List on facebook by clicking here.


  1. Sounds like a fun goal to watch all the films, hope you make it! I once watched the fifty greatest films and it was a combination of films i would like to see and then lots i hadn't heard of. Some i would never want to see again and some i was surpised that i really enjoyed or was moved by. One of the films was Apocolypse Now' which i would never normally watched, but ended up enjoying.

    Good luck with the goal and hopefully most of the films will be interesting and entertaining or thought provoking.xx

    1. Yes there was several that I never would have watched otherwise but enjoyed....then were a few I hated! It was fun but turned out to be way more stressful than anticipated! Lol


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