Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trip to Disney World

In August I booked our trip to Disney World for 2013. The travel bug got me so bad I didn't book because I found a deal or anything I just booked! Since then I have learned that even though I have already booked and made payments I would still be able to take advantage of any deals they offer before our trip, so we may have to change our dates which is fine since our dates weren't special, because there is NO WAY I'm paying full price!!!

On this trip I will be able to complete several LIFE LIST items including...

1. Going to Disney World
2. Go fishing
3. Eat at Cinderellas Castle (as well as the other inspired restaurants at Disney)
4. Stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge
5. Hold an alligator
6. Visit the Shell Factory
7. Pick oranges
8. Eat alligator
9. World of Disney store
10. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Here are some other things I want to do in Florida but given that our daughter will only be 3 years old there are a lot of restrictions. This is no biggie- we're staying at an incredible resort with an inviting pool and we have daily passes to all the parks so we'll be busy enough as is! But these are on my list for next time!

1. Airboat tour
2.Swim with manatees
3.Indoor skydive
4.Renew our vows
5.Take a seaplane tour
6. Jet ski
7. Parasail
8. Visit NASA
9. Titanic tour
10. Exotic driving experience
11. Penguin encounter
12. Character in Flight
13. Alligator hunt
14. Tack on a Cruise since we'd be near a port of call
15. Go to SeaWorld

Also we will be visiting my Grandpa which will be nice but sad as the last time I was there it was for my Grandmas funeral.

I have but one major are we going to get there? I do not want to fly, it really takes a lot out of me to get on an airplane. I do it because I love to travel but I can very accurately describe what I go through as 'being in a near heart attack like state'. And given that it will not only be our daughter's first flying experience, she will also be only 3 years old and I know my limits. I can push myself pretty hard so by saying that I don't think I can deal with me flying and trying to keep my very active daughter quiet and still for 3-4 hours, it makes me extremely anxious. It could work out really well, as sometimes us parents have to put on a smiley face when we REALLY, REALLY.....REALLY don't want to-maybe SHE would calm my nerves.

At the same time the thought of a 20 hour long drive.......
It would be fun if we could have an extra week and about $5,000 extra dollars and I could knock off 30 LIFE LIST items!!!

In January they will have their new deals posted AND that's when I'm going to sit down with my husband and discuss my options in dealing with my totally irrational but very real hysteria.

Got any tips???? If you have a difficult time flying, how do you cope with getting on an airplane?


  1. I hate flying. Drugs that help me sleep work for me. :)

    Ativan or a Valium should help with the anxiety. :)

    1. I usually use Xanax but I might try Valium - Xanax doesn't seem to do anything!!!


    Systematic Desensitization of the fear of flying. It is worth a shot anyway, who knows it may even work!

  3. oh wow, all sounds fab and great that you can take advantage of the offers, especially as that way you can provisionally book dates and then change to suit you, whilst still knowing that you are definitely going.

    Sounds like a tough call, flying or driving. Flying would be so much easier. I have found that although i hate flying, when i have flown with strangers or on my own, i have had to be ok, so maybe if you were forced to be ok because of Zeeva, you would be able to cope.

    I think Rox's suggestion is a good one. I actually use a similar technique that we were used on my hypnosis cours, known as EMDR. It involves moving your eyes only from side to side, across to across and just keep repeating this. It works great for me and as soon as i start to feel anxious during the process i do this and desensitises me.

    Here's a link.

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I'll check that one out too!!

      And I think that yes I might be better for z, I don't want her tHink her mommy is a nut!!


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