Friday, December 14, 2012

Braces-5 months

I cannot believe I've already had my braces for 5 months! It's almost half over!! They said 12-18 months, leaning towards the 12, and with my positive mindset and my agreeable teeth, I'm sure of its duration ending at the 12 month mark. So I think these puppies will be celebrating my 30th birthday with me but they will be off soon afterwards!

I am so happy with myself for finally going through with it, especially since the time has really gone by so quickly. I'm pretty used to them, I don't feel so self conscious any more-for 2 reasons 1. now I have braces on teeth that are actually pretty straight and 2. that heinous coil was removed months ago. The first month looked the worst but now I don't feel like they're THAT noticeable. My perspective has completely changed since I first GOT BRACES back in July. I am particularly proud of myself for this life list item because I wanted them for SO long (12 years of consultations) and I finally just ripped off the band aid! And it was so worth it!

4 months ago!

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