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When: July 26 & August 2

Where: Sesame Place in Langhorne Pennsylvania (maybe 20 or 30 minutes from Philadelphia)

Why this is on my list: I wanted to take my little girl - it was such a wonderful experience and money very well spent so I knew I had to add it to my list! I went for my daughter but was surprised at how excited I was-excited to see her excitement!

The main street walking into the park
-$60/adult and the current special was 'buy a one day pass get a second day pass free' so we got to go twice
- my daughter was free since she's under 2
 - $20 meal plan (2 full meals w/a drink, a snack and 2 drinks)
- $15/day parking
- $30/evening pass (Joel went with us the second day)

So for 2 long days of fun and pictures that will last a lifetime I spent around $200 including 5 souvenirs. I thought the park was very reasonably priced; everything was VERY WELL maintained and clean,  the parking was close, the food was good and and there were PLENTY of activities-rides, play areas, music shows, water rides/attractions, photo ops with the characters and a lively parade twice daily.

first ride! She loved it!
Would I do it again? I would love to take my daughter again although I honestly doubt we will ever be in the area long enough, so I am very glad I took her....but all she would have to do is ask and I'd take her again in a heartbeat! (I'm such a pushover) I actually almost decided not to go because of the expense but as I said it was more than worth it!!

Something I would recommend? If you have children YES! There were lots of rides and the lines were never more than 5/10 minutes. There were MANY water rides that were a total blast and lifeguards aplenty. They held a parade twice each day where my baby got to dance her cute little butt off. There were plenty of photo ops with the characters that were all free and short lines. There were play areas designated for toddlers. They had a room for nursing moms. The food was good and nice sized portions. And my favorite- the flowers- beautiful flowers everywhere! I can't imagine the money alone spent on the flowers!! I have ONLY one complaint--there was a $19 fee to rent a tiny storage locker which would have been convenient since there are water rides and most people would want to change and have a place for cameras and keys. Nineteen dollars for a locker in my opinion (and surely I'm not alone) is utterly ridiculous. We would have forked out the cash but fortunately we were able to snag one of the very closest parking spots.

What would I do differently? I was a little mad at myself for making making us leave on our first day after a 6 hour stint, I knew she was tired but she wanted to stay-I don't know why I didn't just stay a little longer-she would have slept later- but other than that I wholeheartedly enjoyed it because there is nothing more fulfilling than making your child happy. We did not make it to any of the performances and I think she would have loved them but the line looked LOOOONG and there were so many other things to do anyhow. Also if I ever went again I would spend the extra money to 'dine with the characters' I think it would have been worth it.

Was it life changing? Yes it was, in fact after seeing how happy it made my baby  and how well she did it inspired me to bump up our trip to Disney World to the spring.. She was not a bit scared or nervous, she was just so excited and I think that's wonderful that she's not even 2 years old and so fearless.


Abby, we were lucky enough to run into her while she was on her way to the bathroom
Elmo-she hugged Elmo every chance she got-at least 10 different times!

Cookie Monster
Big Bird

Zoe and The Count
The Count
Abby...and...does anyone know the other ones name?
Oscar the Grouch 
The largest hibiscus I have ever seen! They really looked fake-I checked-they were not.
Stopping to smell the roses

The end of the day-she was pooped!

Love that giant flower pot behind her!
The entrance-I wish my front yard looked like this!

She sat right there for 5 minutes and did not move a muscle!

And again, she did not get any farther than that! I had to run back upstairs and get her BOTH TIMES!
Awesome ropes to climb on but a little advanced for a 2 year old
The most amazing play area for her!!
We waited to do the water rides with my husband- they were so fun!
Obviously I'm far too good a mother to take my 22 month old on a ride like this...
She loved this watering can but would not actually go under the water
Flower pot slide
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

2nd day in Philadelphia

        I wanted to go back into the city at least once more whilst I was nearby, there is SO MUCH to do there afterall, and this time my husband would be with me so I knew we could accomplish more things. The first thing I wanted to do was go on a carriage ride. I have always looked at the horse and buggy rides through the city as SUCH a totally cheesy, touristy thing to do and I never had any desire to be a part of that- BUT like I said now that I am traveling with a child I am looking at things through different eyes. I surprised myself at how excited I was to take the carriage ride. First of all my daughter loves horses so I knew she'd really enjoy it, and second of all it is so difficult to take in the sights and readings with my baby since I have to keep my eye on her so it was a great way to learn a little about the city, while keeping her contained and happy. It was $35 for 25 minutes which seems expensive but I know how expensive horse care is so I thought it was reasonable.

What she lacked in charisma she made up for with historical facts....and besides, she won me over by befriending my daughter so I was happy to give her money

We returned to the Franklin Square Park so we could ride the carousel again. My husband and daughter rode it while I stood in the pouring rain- then I thought since it was only $2.50/adult that she could go again but this time all 3 of us would ride. I have to say it had been years since I had rode a carousel - make that decades and it was really fun.

Had we gotten on a moment earlier we would have spent the rest of the day in dry clothing

After the park I was excited to finally see the Liberty Bell...
Behind that window rests the Liberty Bell-behind that frown lies my 3rd failed attempt to see the Liberty Bell
Again, the line was too long and I knew we just couldn't push it.

Inside the Visitors Center

That's Independence Hall behind us
The next stop on my list was the art museum-not that we were going inside but I wanted to run up the famous Rocky steps-( I have never actually seen that movie but I wanted to see it anyhow) it was raining so we ultimately decided not to stop...but then my husband took a wrong turn and we ended up right in front of it. I said well, it's pouring but we may never be here again, let's just wait a few minutes to see if it lets up. As soon as we parked it had stopped.

She ran all the way up the steps!

        The Art Museum was huge and left me longing to spend an entire day sipping coffee and getting lost in paintings, but I think it was closed by the time we were, but if I ever return it'll be on the top of my list!

 There was no way I was leaving Philadelphia without eating a Philly cheese steak, and I wanted to return to the place I had been 4 years prior. The famous Genos/Pats [seen on the Food Network] I had previously eaten at Pat's so this time I wanted to try Genos-consensus- they're both good....but then again it's bread, meat and cheese wiz so they're really wasn't any question......obviously. The only difference was that this time I had braces- which was made eating this cheese steak so labor intensive that it stole all the anticipated enjoyment.  P.S. The fact that you can order a food that actually has cheeze wiz on it is genius.

As a bonus, these horses were on the side of the road so we stopped and said hello.

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