Sunday, August 26, 2012

2nd day in Philadelphia

        I wanted to go back into the city at least once more whilst I was nearby, there is SO MUCH to do there afterall, and this time my husband would be with me so I knew we could accomplish more things. The first thing I wanted to do was go on a carriage ride. I have always looked at the horse and buggy rides through the city as SUCH a totally cheesy, touristy thing to do and I never had any desire to be a part of that- BUT like I said now that I am traveling with a child I am looking at things through different eyes. I surprised myself at how excited I was to take the carriage ride. First of all my daughter loves horses so I knew she'd really enjoy it, and second of all it is so difficult to take in the sights and readings with my baby since I have to keep my eye on her so it was a great way to learn a little about the city, while keeping her contained and happy. It was $35 for 25 minutes which seems expensive but I know how expensive horse care is so I thought it was reasonable.

What she lacked in charisma she made up for with historical facts....and besides, she won me over by befriending my daughter so I was happy to give her money

We returned to the Franklin Square Park so we could ride the carousel again. My husband and daughter rode it while I stood in the pouring rain- then I thought since it was only $2.50/adult that she could go again but this time all 3 of us would ride. I have to say it had been years since I had rode a carousel - make that decades and it was really fun.

Had we gotten on a moment earlier we would have spent the rest of the day in dry clothing

After the park I was excited to finally see the Liberty Bell...
Behind that window rests the Liberty Bell-behind that frown lies my 3rd failed attempt to see the Liberty Bell
Again, the line was too long and I knew we just couldn't push it.

Inside the Visitors Center

That's Independence Hall behind us
The next stop on my list was the art museum-not that we were going inside but I wanted to run up the famous Rocky steps-( I have never actually seen that movie but I wanted to see it anyhow) it was raining so we ultimately decided not to stop...but then my husband took a wrong turn and we ended up right in front of it. I said well, it's pouring but we may never be here again, let's just wait a few minutes to see if it lets up. As soon as we parked it had stopped.

She ran all the way up the steps!

        The Art Museum was huge and left me longing to spend an entire day sipping coffee and getting lost in paintings, but I think it was closed by the time we were, but if I ever return it'll be on the top of my list!

 There was no way I was leaving Philadelphia without eating a Philly cheese steak, and I wanted to return to the place I had been 4 years prior. The famous Genos/Pats [seen on the Food Network] I had previously eaten at Pat's so this time I wanted to try Genos-consensus- they're both good....but then again it's bread, meat and cheese wiz so they're really wasn't any question......obviously. The only difference was that this time I had braces- which was made eating this cheese steak so labor intensive that it stole all the anticipated enjoyment.  P.S. The fact that you can order a food that actually has cheeze wiz on it is genius.

As a bonus, these horses were on the side of the road so we stopped and said hello.

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  1. Aw, what a nice family day out, looks like you all had fun. That horse and carriage ride looks like fun, i do agree that they do tend to look cheesy, but sometimes cheese is fun too!

    Shame about the liberty bell, hopefully next time round?!

    1. ONE DAY I'LL SEE THAT BELL!!! It was a nice family day, I'm really glad we got to go and were able to do a lot with a little one-she's a trooper!

  2. Cheese whiz? Yum. I'm definitely going to that place when I go to Philly.

    1. Yea CHEEZE WHIZ!!! WHAT A GREAT THING TO PURCHASE AT A 'RESTAURANT' How can you pass it up!!!??? I can't wait to hear about your trip to Philly and see what things you do! There's a pub crawl that looks like a lot of fun! I'll try to find the link for it! When are you going?


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