Monday, August 6, 2012

Last minute road trip

        So, how did I get a two week vacation literally on the spur of the moment? A few weeks ago on a Monday I was thinking about my Grandma's upcoming 80th birthday and I felt so sad because I remember thinking right before she died that I would plan a huge 80th birthday party for her. My Grandpa had just celebrated his 80th birthday and I was unable to go down to Florida to party with him, so in an attempt to feel less guilty I decided I would either go to Florida for my Grandma's 80th birthday or if they were in Michigan I would have a huge party for her here. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to do that. So that got me thinking about my relationship with her, obviously we were very close- I know I talk about her often. We had a perfect relationship, I called her several times each week, we sent each other gifts all the time and when they were in Michigan I saw my grandparents every chance I could, I have only one regret...I wish I would have gone to Florida more often to visit them. They spent at least 9/10 months each year down there. As an adult (over a 9 year period) I only went down to Florida twice...well I made my third trip for her funeral, in that same period of time I made 14 trips out East. You can always find the time and the money to do things....
   So this led me to thinking about my Aunt who lives in the D.C area and whom I have an equally close relationship with, and I thought 2 things 1. I don't want to have that same regret with her and 2. We should CELEBRATE my Grandma's birthday together as my Grandma was her Mother. I gave my Aunt a buzz to share my idea and without hesitation she said yes!
   I only had about 4 days to prepare for this overnight trip, which doesn't sound like a big deal...unless you have a 2 year old...and you have no help. At this point my husband had been gone for 3 weeks in Philadelphia. So packing, cleaning the house and getting the car ready with a toddler is not a simple task to do  solo. Even though we were meeting half way in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I did not suspect that we would make the extra drive to see my husband in Philadelphia. I was not sure how my daughter would handle the long drive and I didn't think it was a good idea to keep her pent up in a tiny hotel room. I did toy around with idea as I had been monstrously stressed lately. This is the third month my husband has been out of town this year and we had only been living in our new house for 3 weeks when my husband had to leave. 3 weeks in a house that was having one problem after another. A new sump pump, broken garage door, flood in the basement, air conditioner not working in 100 degree heat, carpenter ants, ear wigs, mice in the kitchen, snakes in the front yard, yada yada. Not only do I know NOTHING about owning a home or what to do when something goes awry, I have NO interest in doing these things- that is what my husband is for and that is what we agreed upon. It was very understandable that he had to go out of town for work and when he said Pennsylvania I was bummed because I ADORE Pennsylvania and really wanted to go especially since SEEING THE LIBERTY BELL has been on my life list for years.
    More tomorrow....

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