Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Surviving the Polar Vortex in Pictures


Feels like -34....yea...I remember that day.

After this snowstorm above in March I learned that we were just a few inches away from breaking the record..now, naturally a LIFE LISTER like myself would want to live through the SNOWIEST AND COLDEST MICHIGAN WINTER IN RECORDED HISTORY....
so I prayed. I prayed my little heart out...

An April Miracle. Thank you Jesus.

So then the snow melted...and began POTHOLE PURGATORY!!

This extremely harsh winter took a toll on Michigan's already notoriously bad roads...but this was unbelievable. It got to the point where I wouldn't even go to certain places because as it happened...we decided to buy a brand new car at the worst time possible and these sinkholes were causing major damage to vehicles. 

Well...congratulations Michiganders...WE DID IT! We survived....well most of us...and we deserve this summer, Lord Almighty make it a good one! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Standing Ovation

I love watching others complete their goals, learn new talents, take on challenges, chase their dreams and help others. I want to share with you some of these of people I know who I find inspirational and amazing in the hopes that you will too. I am lucky to know the following women and it's exciting to follow their life journeys. These are the type of people the world needs more of and they deserve a standing ovation for their recent accomplishments. The following ladies have fearlessly changed their lives and others. I am inspired by them, I'm proud to know them, I admire them and I applaud them.

Michelle-Michelle is an acquaintance of mine, I don't know her well, she's actually the woman who recruited me to become a blogging partner with The Oakland Press and from who I adopted my second kitten. Tomorrow Michelle will be donating a kidney to her friend...this type of selflessness and generosity we don't see very often. So many lives will be changed for the better because of outstanding gift and what an incredible person her friend must be for Michelle to be so willing and happy to go through this for. You can follow her story here. Both ladies will be in my thoughts and prayers all day tomorrow.

Michelle on the right and on the left her friend whose life she will change.
Jayvee- Jayvee is a new friend of mine, I haven't known her long but I'm pretty sure that I've met Superwoman. Among being an excellent mother of 2 under 3, plays the ukulele, speaks 3 languages and Hula Dances this very talented woman makes the most beautiful costumes for her daughter and recently made one for my daughter. I casually mentioned that I was going to buy my daughter an 'Elsa' dress for Valentine's Day, without blinking an eyelash she said "Oh no, I'll just make her one...I'll bring it next week." I am so blessed to have her friendship and I adore watching the little bond between our 3 year old daughters blossom. One of the things I greatly appreciate about Jayvee is that she's a 'doer' not a 'talker' and can do it all! I am in awe of her many talents and her positively delightful personality.

The Frozen dress she made for my daughter.
Shannon-Shannon has been my best friend since we were 7 years old, we met during our figure roller skating lessons. A year ago she was a waitress at the Rainforest CafĂ©, had to move back in with her parents at 30 and was desperate to change her life. She bought a ticket to Chile and has lived there for over a year now, has become nearly totally fluent in Spanish, she's in a relationship with a wonderful man she met there, has a housekeeper, teaches English and enjoys travelling all over the Chilean countryside. I miss my friend dearly but I am so proud of her and happy for. She has completely changed her life for the better by hard work, determination and one gutsy move. I love watching nestle into the life that was meant for her.

What a difference a year makes....
Haha! Though with your boyfriends outfit above I know where he could find a job!

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