Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"Talking about contemporary art….shellac it and send it to Rona” 


What: Millennium Park, a 26 acre park open to the public daily free of charge in the heart of Chicago Illinois. Just 15 years ago this was considered an 'industrial wasteland' and through the mind of the infamous Frank Gehry it has been transformed into one of the most iconic set of freestanding structures in the world. To me, this is not only one of my favorite places in Chicago but it is such a staple of this city that it's hard to believe that it really hasn't been around very long at all.
 I have spent such extensive amounts of time searching for all these incredible things in life to add to my life list and I often feel like I've 'heard it all'. Every country, every bizarre sporting ritual, every natural wonder of the world, every historical site-it kind of makes me sad to think there will is nothing left for me to discover. But learning that this well known park has been thought of, created and become something that people travel all over the world to see just in the past 15 years, makes me excited to see what else will be created during my years on this Earth. Who knows what sorts of discoveries will be uncovered, what inventions will come and go and how many more beautiful, artistic pieces of art I will get too see. I had no idea when I first saw it in 2008 that it was such a young addition to Midwest culture. All the aspects of Millennium Park, considered to be the "most popular work of contemporary art in America" cost a combine total nearing 500 million dollars.

Crown Fountain (2008) operates May-October
When: April 13th, 2013 on our 3 week trip to Chicago- we were also here in 2011, and B.Z. back in 2008.

Where: Downtown Chicago along Michigan Avenue, within walking distance from Navy Pier, Museum Campus and Lake Michigan.

Cost: FREE

Next Time I'll Figure Out When It Gets Wiped Down...And Go After That!
Why this was on my list: I saw it on TV years ago, presumably the Travel Channel and thought it looked neat. I never expected to return...more than once no less and taking such significant before and after pics. Now I kind of feel like Chicago will forever be not just a part of my life but continually in my life.

Will I return? Well now I think we have to continue this tradition. Since it was 2 years ago since our last trip here, two years before our daughter was born, I think it would only be fitting to come every two years from now on. There is so much to in this city, it's not like we will run out of new experiences and as I said...Chicago is really growing on me!!!

Our Unanticipated View From Panera Where We Had Lunch
Something I'd recommend? If you visit the windy city and do not spend some time in Millennium Park, then you oughtta be ashamed of yourself! Specifically I think 'Cloud Gate' or 'the bean' is the most favorable structure in the park. It is a fun spot to take pictures at this structure made of steel and reflects the city skyline. This was my third time taking pictures at Cloud Gate but the first time I noticed how dirty it looked. I looked it up and the large steel sculpture actually gets wiped down twice daily and cleaned with Windex twice annually. Cloud Gate cost $23 million to build and it is predicted that it can survive for 1000 years.

As previously mentioned-there is nearby parking available...but you do have to pay for it, we parked relatively close and paid $6 for an hour and a half.

2008..or 2009 I Cannot Remember


Pritzker Pavillion



  1. The before and after pictures are awesome! I suppose Chicago is growing on me a bit too.....

    1. I remember how much we used to hate Chicago-i had a bad first impression, but it wasn't the City, it was my company. So i suppose i had a bad taste in my mouth the first time you and I went-but now....i totally LOVE it!

  2. Wow, in these pictures you can really see how much weight you have lost, go you! Some great pics. Definitely worth a visit if it is free to go to and provides a great opportunity to see what has become an iconic sculpture:-)

    1. THANK YOU!!! It's a pretty amazing feeling :)

  3. What a great idea to go every 2 years and take photos there!

    1. i'm pretty obsessed with these before and after photos...it requires a lot of organization though!

  4. I love Cloud Gate! Partly because you can call it 'the bean,' which is an awesome name for a huge iconic work of art. It's something that doesn't look that special from a distance, but when I'm taking in the reflections of the people and the city I could stay for hours.

    1. It is SUCH a fun place-easily my favorite place in chicago...I STILL CANNOT believe how new it is! I think Detroit needs to do something like this- create a destination point to draw in folks from all over the world...not to mention the rest of the state.


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