Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I did something today...outside

I think this is going to be a new series "I did something today..." Sometimes I am meticulous about my planning...and other times I do things VERY impulsively...things that are not well thought out, organized, and occasionally they're mildly idiotic. These are the things that make me say "Oh boy...what did I get myself into...."

These things usually happen when I'm alone and there's nobody there to throw the lasso and rope me back in.

Today was one of those imbecilic things. It has been on my LIFE LIST to have a big sunflower garden....last year we were so busy doing the basics to our new house we did not get a chance to plant any flowers. So today is the day I thought to myself. Now I have never in my life planted a flower seed. This may seem ironic since I actually work with flowers but I have to admit that I do not know a darn thing about growing them! I've always lived in apartments so there was not an opportunity to learn. This was the first time I've planted a seed-is it as simple as digging a hole in the ground and covering it with dirt? Kind of....

I walked around my yard and just randomly picked a spot. I knew it had to be an area that gets a lot of sun, I hate looking at our neighbors chain-link fence and it will be a while before we build our own wooden fence so I thought that for now this would be a good spot. Without reading the directions-I just started digging. I am skeptical anything will come of it so I just kind of did it-without much ado. I mean seriously...if I haphazardly squash a little seed into the dirt a 6 foot tall sunflower will appear????  I'll believe it when I see it!

After I was done...I read the directions.

As it turns out you are supposed to plant 1 seed every 8 inches-I planted about 75 seeds in a 10 inch area. Clearly, I did this WRONG, so I am not optimistic that any flowers will actually grow.

Look at this-it looks so stupid-surely this is not what it's supposed to look like when you plant flowers. 

update: my first installment of 'i did something today' concerning the 'big commitment I made' that turns out I accidentally sent the email to myself and have yet to correct the mistake. I was pretty fired up about this and felt so dumb after realizing my mistake that. 

So it looks like I'm on a roll.


  1. Aww bless! Sounds like you need someone with green fingers to give you a little helping hand. I made that mistake when starting out in gardening and practically planted all the plants on top of one another!

    They may grow, it just means they will grow very closely together. You can always thin them out though before they really take hold.xx

    1. Dannie! you're not going to believe HOW much they're growing! however...we planted a bunch more..."the correct way" and those ones haven't sprouted AT ALL! I really need like a 'gardening class'


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