Tuesday, May 28, 2013

famous hot dogs

"Tis dogs delight to bark and bite,
Thus does the adage run…
But I delight to bite the dog
When placed inside a bun.”


Where: Chicago Illinois 

When: Most recent visit was on our 3 week trip to Chicago in April 2013, we were also there in 2011.

Why this was on my list? No surprise here, I saw it on either the travel channel and/or the food network.

Something I'd recommend? Superdawgs Drive In has been in business for over 60 years, it's a fun destination, you can get some good photos with the iconic hot dogs in the background. The superdawgs are good, not mind blowing, but when paired with the distinctive old fashioned experience it is certainly worth the drive.

Will I go again? Yea...I think now that we've established this biennial tradition of spending an extended period of time in Chicago I think we will probably make it a priority to return to many of these landmarks.

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  1. A good little life list item to do. Hope they were tasty!


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