Thursday, September 29, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Join The Mile High Club

   Personally this is the most ridiculous things I can imagine wanting to become a member of the Mile High Club. Let's forget about the fact that the bathroom on an airplane barely fits one person comfortably. When I am on an airplane it is all I can do to keep myself from going into cardiac arrest. I like to spend my flying time shaking, sweating, crying, praying and checking my pulse-being intimate is the absolute last thing from my mind! Obviously I am not a good flyer, well not right now but it's on my list to calm the f word down when I get on an airplane, but I like to post things that I think others might like to put on their LIFE LISTS! So best of luck!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


         Maryland is such a beautiful state to visit, my Aunt lives there and I have been there to visit many times so I have seen/done most of the things on this list (i will review them at a later date) but obviously these are the top things to do in MD--in my opinion.

Ashley Cove

Thursday, September 22, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Eat Raw Sushi

   We are not supposed to be eating raw animals: tapeworms, salmonella, mercury are just some of the risks taken- that is why we were given the gift of fire. When it's cooked, it's proof that it's dead. It looks so gross, I'm sure the texture in your mouth leaves something to be desired. Cooked sushi tastes great but you couldn't pay me to eat it before that sucker sits in a frying pan for at least 15 minutes! I like to make sure my food has time to reconnect with their family members in heaven before I begin to put parts of their dead bodies in my mouth. So this is not something that I will be adding to my list but I think it is a good thing for the person who is culinary adventurous.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  I have only driven through New Hampshire, but it seems to be an excellent destination for families with young children. This is also a place you could visit inexpensively. It looks scenic and there's alot to do outside. One day I will visit all these places and take notes and pictures!

New Hampshire

Friday, September 16, 2011


 As I have said -this is a journey and many of these items cannot simply be crossed off in one afternoon. LIST LIST ITEM WRITE A BLOG is something that I hope to do for a long time and I don't think I can cross it off until I make it perfectly presentable. My friend, the same one who suggested I write the blog, also suggested I get myself a "blogging for dummies" book. This was the silliest thing I had heard yet, a book about blogging ???? At that time, just a few months ago, I had no idea what a big thing blogging was, and what it could become. There are many many books about blogging. Lesson learned: whatever it is that your interested just type it into Amazon and I am certain you will find a book written about it. This has lead me to other amazing books I could have never dreamed actually existed. So my goal is to fix/change at least one thing/week. It's not alot but 52 things/year is better than ZERO things/year. If there is something you want to do and don't think you have the time or keep putting it off, just start small with once/week, or even once/month, it is enough to get you going and even though it may be at a snails pace it will make you feel accomplished.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Drive a Motorcycle

   I have been on motorcycles before, only with my dad, I do not think I would ever get on one with anyone else, in fact I will probably never get on one again. I just have no desire and I have heard so many horror stories--that were too close to home. My husbands uncle was in a Motorcycle accident, he lost his arm. A friend of my father in law was in a motorcycle accident and lost his legs. It's one thing to trust yourself when you get on the road in any sort of vehicle but you CANNOT trust anyone else that is driving. Why not? Because they all have their head up their ass. And with so many people now texting while driving it is so much more dangerous. So I personally have no desire to do this but I think it's a great idea for someone else to put it on their life list. If I had it my way I would drive an army tank to the grocery store with the car seat in the back and and a 'Caution Baby on Board' bumper sticker and then I would have everything else delivered. People on the road scare me...they are not 'accidents' someone was either going to fast, not obeying the laws or doing something other than driving-these are not accidents, these are all intentional. If you are interested in learning how to drive a motorcycle here is a good place to start                                      

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


   Here is my list of the most important things to do in the Sunshine State or as I like to call it the Hotter Than Hell State. We are planning a trip to Florida in two years, for our daughters third birthday so at that time I will be able to give my synopsis of each activity, and post pics and video. I have already done some of these things but it was long ago. Click on each one to visit the link.

Rent jet ski
Air boat tour
Eat alligator

Friday, September 9, 2011


That’s Not For Me Thursdays- There are many things out there that I personally have no interest in doing but I think would be great ideas for others. So this is just for fun and to maybe inspire some new ideas for your life lists.

Fix it Fridays- There are many LIFE LIST items that involve a lot of work, so I will dedicate Fridays to those items beginning with this blog itself. I have a overabundant amount of things to fix, change and add.

Surprise Saturdays- I have already completed nearly 150 items on my LIFE LIST and I will share with you my story and I will include everything from how I got the idea to how much it cost and what I would do differently. 


Weigh in Wednesdays- Like money, I cannot look at my LIFE LIST item REACH MY LIFE GOAL WEIGHT and cross it off in one day, I am not a genie. So reaching my life goal weight is also a journey that I am currently working on and doing a good job at it if I must say so myself. I will share with you how much I’ve lost, how I lost it and I how I plan to lose the rest. I will also be telling you……how much I weigh   AAAHHHHHH!!!! That’s why I am calling it Weigh in Wednesdays, I will reveal my weight loss each week. I think it will really encourage me to be diligent with my diet and exercise as this is highly embarrassing to share this information with my friends, family, my husbands friends and family-ugh!   


Travel Tips Tuesdays- If you have even glanced at my LIFE LIST for even one second you will notice a common theme-I love to travel like a crackhead loves chemical dependencies! Traveling is my drug, I am addicted to it, I am obsessed with it and I’m always trying to scrounge up money for more trips. It is a true passion of mine and my interest that I devote the most time to. For the last ten years I have spent extensive amounts of time doing travel research, just for myself, it’s my hobby to plan trips that I hope to one day take. I have close to five hundred travel books, magazines and brochures. I probably should one day open up a travel agency but I really have just done all this research for myself with no intention of sharing it with the world. But since you all are nice enough to read this blog of mine I will share my notes with you. I will post a location and what I think are the best and most essential components of traveling to that location. I include hotels, restaurants, activities….everything with the goal being to make the most out of visiting that location and not have to spend money to revisit because you missed things. I am not saying that you shouldn’t visit the same place twice, I am saying the world is amazing, there are thousands of places to see and we only given a short amount of time to take advantage of. 


Money Mondays- Nearly everything in my Life List revolves around money in one way or another, so I will discuss how I am working on accomplishing these items. It is a journey, much to my chagrin I cannot look at my list and say ‘ok I’m going to raise my FICO score today to 800’ I wish I could but that’s not how it works and I thought it would be silly to spend the next year or two working on certain items and not be writing about them. I hope you will follow me on my financial journey, I can teach you things- I am open to any advice anyone has to offer, the best way to learn is from each other, we just need to communicate- and THAT’S FREE!  If you struggle with financial issues, or want to buy a home, or wish you had more money to travel or keep putting of setting up your savings account-I think this will be a great resource for you, luckily for you I have dealt with just about every cash problem out there and I have been working hard to turn it around and fix all the problems and become someone a lender is dying to give money to, I want to be able to afford all the things I want in life, I want to give my children everything in the world and I want to be secure in my old age. I think these are things that everyone has on their life lists, and if not, then they probably should be. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


1.      Thornbury Castle-England
2.      The Connaught-England
3.      Castle in Scotland
4.      royal Scotsman trail-Scotland
5.      Skibo Castle-Scotland
6.      Delphi Lodge-Ireland
7.      Adare Manor-Ireland
8.      ballynahinch castle-Ireland
9.      Ashford castle-Ireland
10.  northern lights inn-Iceland
11.  Bedouin Directions-Jordan
12.  Four Seasons Amman-Jordan
13.  Movenpick Resort Petra-Jordan
14.  American Colony Hotel Israel
15.  Arctic Hotel Pohtimo/Lapland Hotel Bear’s Lodge-Finland
16.  Kakslauttanen Igloo Village-Finland
18.  Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa-Cambodia
19.  Villa Paradiso-Cambodia
20.  Jade Screen Hotel-China
21.  Palacio Guendulain-Paloma Spain
22.  Hotel 1898-Barcelona
23.  Catalina las cortes-Madrid
24.  Taj Lake Palace-Udaipur India
25.  The Leela Palace Kempinski Udaipur
26.  Oberoi Udaivilas
27.  Oberoi Amarvilas-Agra
28.  Kerala houseboats-India
29.  Uma Paro-Bhutan
30.  Taj Tashi Thimphu-Bhutan
31.  Taktshang/Tiger’s Nest-Bhutan
32.  Borana Lodge-Kenya  
33.  Giraffe Manor-Kenya
34.  Le meridian pyramids-Egypt
35.  Mena House Oberoi-Cairo
36.  mercure cairo le sphinx-Egypt
37.  Saalbacher hof-Austria
38.  Hotel Tyrolis-Austria
39.  Aqua Dome Hotel-Austria
40.  Das Park Hotel Sewer Pipe Hotel-Austria
41.  Gstaad- Switzerland
42.  Dolder Grand Resort-Switzerland
43.  Hotel Derby-Switzerland
44.   Hamburg Germany
45.  Hotel Traube Tonbach Germany
46.  Hotel Zugspitze-Germany
47.  Mandarin Oriental Munich-Germany
48.  Villa Toucan-Costa Rica
49.  Springs Resort and Spa-Costa Rica
50.  Sloth Hotel-Costa Rica
51.  The Pacuare Lodge-Costa Rica
52.  maccu  piccu sanctuary lodge
53.  Explora Rapa Nui-Easter Island

54.  Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort-Bora Bora
55.  La Balade des Gnomes-Belgium
56.  Jumbo Stay-Sweden
57.  Kolarbyn Hotel-Sweden
59.  the capsule hotel-Netherlands
60.  Wine Barrel Hotel-Netherlands
61.  Ritz Carlton-France
62.  Hotel Duquesney-France
63.  Ball in a Tree-Canada
64.  Pikes Lodge-Alaska
65.  Alyeska-Alaska
66.  Chena Hot Springs-Alaska
67.  Adobe Grand Villas-Arizona
68.  Wigwam-Arizona
69.  El Tovar-Arizona
70.  Shady Dell Trailor Park-Arizona
71.  Exotic Animal Resort-Arkansas
72.  Riddles Elephant Sanctuary-Arkansas
73.  Winvian Country Inn-Conneticut
74.  The Argonaut Hotel-California San Francisco
75.  The Innsbruck-Colorado
76.  Ghost Town- Colorado
77.  Home Ranch-Colorado
78.  Animal Kingdom Lodge-Florida
79.  Jules Undersea Lodge-Florida
80.  Hamilton Turner Inn-Georgia
81.  The Gastonian-Georiga
82.  The Drake Hotel-Illinois
83.  Dog Bark Park Inn-Idaho
84.  Amish B&B-Indiana
85.  Soniat House-Louisianna
86.  Boston Harbor Hotel-Massachusetts  
87.  Houseboat Rental-Minnesota
88.  Nordic Inn-Minnesota
89.  Paws up Ranch-Montana
90.  Tipi Village-Montana
91.  Grand Hotel-Mackinac Island
92.  La Posada de Sante Fe-New Mexico
93.  Grand Bohemien Hotel NC
96.  The Bellaggio-Nevada
97.  Omni Resort-New Hampshire
98.  Treesort-Oregon 
99.  The Chanler at Cliff Walk-Rhode Island
100.    Plimouth Plantation-Virginia
101.    Trapp Family Lodge-Vermont
102.    stockyards hotel Texas
103.    Driskill Hotel-Texas
104.    dolly partons cabins-Tennessee
105.    Utah
106.    Utah
107.    Utah
108.    Bill Cody Ranch-Wyoming
109.    Star Clipper Sailing Cruise 
110.    Hotel de Glace-Canada


I missed a few days, my 11 month old daughter was super ill-she is back to her normal self and now we can return to our normal lives. Here are the final two sections of my list, I will post the entire list all at one also so it can be seen in its full grandeur that it deserves.

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