Thursday, September 29, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Join The Mile High Club

   Personally this is the most ridiculous things I can imagine wanting to become a member of the Mile High Club. Let's forget about the fact that the bathroom on an airplane barely fits one person comfortably. When I am on an airplane it is all I can do to keep myself from going into cardiac arrest. I like to spend my flying time shaking, sweating, crying, praying and checking my pulse-being intimate is the absolute last thing from my mind! Obviously I am not a good flyer, well not right now but it's on my list to calm the f word down when I get on an airplane, but I like to post things that I think others might like to put on their LIFE LISTS! So best of luck!


  1. Not one for me i have to say! I'm not the greatest flyer and keep thinking the plane will crash:-)

    Plus, those toilets are just disgusting!

  2. I am still crack me up!


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