Friday, September 9, 2011


Weigh in Wednesdays- Like money, I cannot look at my LIFE LIST item REACH MY LIFE GOAL WEIGHT and cross it off in one day, I am not a genie. So reaching my life goal weight is also a journey that I am currently working on and doing a good job at it if I must say so myself. I will share with you how much I’ve lost, how I lost it and I how I plan to lose the rest. I will also be telling you……how much I weigh   AAAHHHHHH!!!! That’s why I am calling it Weigh in Wednesdays, I will reveal my weight loss each week. I think it will really encourage me to be diligent with my diet and exercise as this is highly embarrassing to share this information with my friends, family, my husbands friends and family-ugh!   

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