Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Drive a Motorcycle

   I have been on motorcycles before, only with my dad, I do not think I would ever get on one with anyone else, in fact I will probably never get on one again. I just have no desire and I have heard so many horror stories--that were too close to home. My husbands uncle was in a Motorcycle accident, he lost his arm. A friend of my father in law was in a motorcycle accident and lost his legs. It's one thing to trust yourself when you get on the road in any sort of vehicle but you CANNOT trust anyone else that is driving. Why not? Because they all have their head up their ass. And with so many people now texting while driving it is so much more dangerous. So I personally have no desire to do this but I think it's a great idea for someone else to put it on their life list. If I had it my way I would drive an army tank to the grocery store with the car seat in the back and and a 'Caution Baby on Board' bumper sticker and then I would have everything else delivered. People on the road scare me...they are not 'accidents' someone was either going to fast, not obeying the laws or doing something other than driving-these are not accidents, these are all intentional. If you are interested in learning how to drive a motorcycle here is a good place to start                                      

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