Friday, September 9, 2011


Travel Tips Tuesdays- If you have even glanced at my LIFE LIST for even one second you will notice a common theme-I love to travel like a crackhead loves chemical dependencies! Traveling is my drug, I am addicted to it, I am obsessed with it and I’m always trying to scrounge up money for more trips. It is a true passion of mine and my interest that I devote the most time to. For the last ten years I have spent extensive amounts of time doing travel research, just for myself, it’s my hobby to plan trips that I hope to one day take. I have close to five hundred travel books, magazines and brochures. I probably should one day open up a travel agency but I really have just done all this research for myself with no intention of sharing it with the world. But since you all are nice enough to read this blog of mine I will share my notes with you. I will post a location and what I think are the best and most essential components of traveling to that location. I include hotels, restaurants, activities….everything with the goal being to make the most out of visiting that location and not have to spend money to revisit because you missed things. I am not saying that you shouldn’t visit the same place twice, I am saying the world is amazing, there are thousands of places to see and we only given a short amount of time to take advantage of. 

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