Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So jealous of my sister's naturally beautiful smile!

"Regardless of who you are or what you have been,
                       you can be what you want to be.”


The top are clear...so they're not too bad.

When: July 12, 2012

Why I wanted to do this: I have been seriously considering, researching and strongly desiring getting braces since I was about 17 years old (12 years ago). My teeth are not terrible, in fact it's really just 2 teeth on the top that make me crazy. It's something I'm self conscience about, it is something that bothers me every single day, every time I look of a photo of myself I think 'if only me teeth weren't all jacked up that'd be a nice picture', and on top of that the feeling of teeth in the wrong spot drives me nuts-like the feeling of having something stuck in your teeth...for 12 years.

I hardly notice them in this pic.

Cost: $5,500

What would I do differently? When I was about 12 years old my parents did 'ask' me if I wanted to get braces. And I distinctly remember this conversation with my father who said "I wish I would have had them but look now I'm in my 40's and I'm sure as heck not going to get them now." The thing is-they shouldn't have asked me-they should have just told me I was getting them. But I wish I would have done it sooner. Every year that goes by I am mad at myself for not following through with my many appointments I have made and cancelled and think 'had I gotten them last year-I'd be done by now!' So I finally decided just to rip off that band aid, make the appointments and GO TO THEM! Now the hard part is over for me! The decision was the most difficult and then the first day was a total nightmare, I was so upset that I had gone through with this that I nearly passed out in the dr office, but now two weeks later I am getting more used to them every day! I literally can see some changes already. The cool thing is the braces are working every minute of every day, while I sleep, while I drive, constantly! I think it's so much more difficult for an adult to wear braces than an adolescent because it is such a big decision and when you're a kid the decision is made for you.

Will I do it again? I pray that in 12 to 18 months from now my teeth look the way I want them to but if they don't I will do what ever I need to.

The braces push out my lips...it looks like I've had injections!

Make a good gift? Yes, I think this would be a gift that could really change a persons life and give them confidence-confidence changes everything in your life!

Can't really even tell with my mouth shut.
Something I would recommend? Without question!!! So many people kept saying to me "your teeth seem fine, I don't even notice they're crooked" - well not only do I not believe that but you'd have to have some serious vision problems to not notice. If they were telling me the truth- I don't want that either- I don't want people to NOT notice my CROOKED teeth - I WANT people to NOTICE a beautiful set of straight, white teeth!

They are CROOKED!
Was it life changing? It is a dramatic life change and a HUGE adjustment! First of all I look ridiculous! There is this heinous thing on the top that I refer to as the "coil" that will be on there for a few months.

 I'm embarrassed for people to see my braces and it's incredibly embarrassing to be with my teenage neighbors who all have braces (although I have to say people have been treating me like I'm much younger-getting carded.
            Having braces has also changed my routine, I have to brush my teeth 4 times per day! Always have to after I eat and it takes like 20 minutes every night to floss and brush. It has changed all my eating habits, I drink everything with a straw including coffee, I cannot eat anything hard or chew on ice. I'm pretty much limited to soft foods which is totally unsatisfying but I'm losing a ton of weight! I look at most things now and only see the work that would be involved and usually conclude that it's not worth it to dig out all the orts afterwards. The technique involved with eating solids is this-I put the food on my tongue, smash it to the roof of my mouth and suck on it for a while then swallow it quickly-food loses its flavor when it's eaten like this.

The good news is that I get to practice my 'Albanianess' by taking very serious photos.
  I also think it's kind of changed my personality- I don't feel like doing a lot of talking because the braces tear up my cheeks and I have a lisp now. I hate smiling because it's a chore to put my lips back together over my braces. So I feel like I'm not being very friendly.

Perfect. This is how I'm taking all my photos for the next year.

 This has also given me one more thing to worry about-like I constantly worry that they'll look worse when it's all over-I'm SO necrotic. And of course, it's a large expense which obviously cuts into other things. Every day I get a little more used to them and I'm so happy I FINALLY did it, I'm really excited to see the final product next year!


  1. That is a very thorough report on the braces experience, I guess I can safely say "you've said a mouthful!" :)

  2. I have been toying with the idea of getting adult braces too. I had them when I was younger, buy didn't wear my retainer. Like your teeth, they aren't bad, but they are crooked and I don't like it. I just got a quote for $6700 and am having a hard time taking the plunge, though I know it would be worth it! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful results :)

  3. Annette, believe me I know how difficult it is to take this plunge but it was just as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment...as hard as it is, it's really so easy...just pick a day to make that call! $6700 is a little higher, did you check your insurance? I got so lucky, mine is actually. Covering $2000!!!! Which is unbelievable!!!!! I would love for you to get braces, not only will it satisfy your desire for straight teeth but we could go through it together and support each other and discuss the "issues". Go for it girlie!!!!

  4. I can't wait to see the after photo!

  5. Me too cece!! I actually can't wait for my next appointment! I'm so paranoid about how it's all going and I'm super paranoid that I'm not taking proper care of them and I'll have those hideous stains!!! I know, I know...I worry too much.

  6. Being British, your teeth do look good to me, over here we always think you guys have great teeth! The braces look ok though but boy does it sound hard work looking after them. No wonder your losing weight if thats the effort you have to go to.

    Glad your seeing the difference though and just think how much better they will be. It does sound a bit painful though and i hope your sides of your mouth stop getting so cut up and you can eat properly soon!

    1. Thank you Dannie! Why is that??? I've heard that from British people before that they feel like they all have bad teeth?! What about people on tv- every american person that's on tv has PERFECT teeth, so maybe that's why we're all so obsessed with it...because you know us Americans and our TV watching!!!

      No eating properly in the near future for me, but it's fine I'll enjoy food again in a year from now!! I am losing a lot of weight - so I guess it's a double bonus for me- I'm hoping that around the same time I get my braces off I will be able to reveal my life goal weight achieved!!

  7. You don’t have to feel embarrassed in any way. Braces know no age. Just be happy and feel good about it. Remember that “No pain, no gain.” It’s okay to sacrifice for a little while, especially if it’ll be beneficial for you in the long run. Smile!

    -Landon Heath

    1. I am feeling much better about it now, I'm getting used to them and that heinous coil has been removed and in just 2 months they've straightened SO MUCH!!! So it's not so bad anymore...2 months down-easy peazy! Well, the last month was anyhow :)


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