Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When: I think I was 16 or 17 so maybe it was the summer of 2000 or 2001 with my long time friend Shannon.

Where: At a Gypsy Kings concert.

Why I wanted to do this: It was NOT Planned and I have no idea how I even got up there on the stage-meaning there were no steps, the security guards were right next to me pulling people down and the stage was  higher than my head! I guess it's true what they about an adrenaline rush!

Cost: Free!

How I paid for it: I'm sure my step dad actually paid for the concert tickets-we've been to many a Gypsy Kings concert and he usually gets us the tickets.

What would I do differently? Nothing- it was awesome! I know not everyone is even familiar with this group but I love them and they're super famous in Europe. It was so cool to be right next to famous people on stage in front of thousands of people watching. But I do wish I had a video of it! I'm sure there is one somewhere!

Will I do it again? I totally would! If I could hoist my butt up there, I'll dance on anything!

Make a good gift/surprise? A surprise it surely was! Shannon got up there first and was encouraging me to get up there too, I wanted to but like I said my only thoughts were 'how and the hell am I going to get up?!'

Something I would recommend? Yes! Any type of wild, spontaneous activity I strongly encourage!

Was it life changing? Yes, this led to us having dinner with the Gypsy Kings which led to quite another story I will tell you soon...(provided my constituent doesn't disapprove.)

Also I always reflect on moments like these when I'm faced with some sort of challenge. For instance, just last night I was thinking 'why have I been such a baby about all these problems with my new house? You've jumped out of a plane, you've had your ass beat and kicked some ass at Krav Maga, you've had several major surgeries, you've had interviews with some very instrumental companies, you target shoot-you've done some real bad ass things- quite crying about the mice, bugs and snakes- you're a tough girl!' This was my little pep talk to myself...as I always say, it's all about you're perspective. I've been so crabby lately and 'complainy' and I think about when I danced on stage and think 'where's that fun girl-bring her back!!!'

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