Thursday, April 11, 2013

Braces: 9 months

I have had my braces for NINE MONTHS!! To put this in perspective, it was this time last year that I was having some 'discussions' with my husband about the possibility of getting them. I knew I wanted them but I did not know if it was even affordable or if I would have the guts. And now, here I am, 9 months later with nearly straight teeth. I am overjoyed and proud of myself for FINALLY going threw with it as it was something had wanted for so long.

Last week I had an orthodontic appointment I had been dreading for 2 months...I kept can I get out of this? Should I take some Xanax? Should I have a few drinks first? I have to go but mentally I do not want to be there. Last time they told me they would start 'moving my roots'. That sounded dreadful and tremendously uncomfortable. The last couple of appointments seemed to get progressively worse so I really was expecting a nightmare of an appointment... but it was wonderful, the greatest trip to the dentist I've ever had!

Two months ago they said they'd have to move some brackets (not fun) around in order to move the roots: my doctor said my roots looked perfect and they would not have to move ANY of them!

I've had that stupid thing on the back of my tooth called a 'turbo'....or also known as a 'pain in the ass' for the past nine months that drove me totally crazy:
I'VE BEEN ASSOILED FROM THAT NUISANCE!  It was a glorious surprise and it feels so good to have that rock gone!

Originally they estimated I'd have my braces on from 12-18 months:
 in 2 months I get my last set of wires-these wires will just be fine tuning my already straight teeth ( did I just say that?! I am a person with straight teeth?! HUGE SMILE!) so it is very possible that I will be able to get my braces off in August! Which is amazing- POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING is something I strongly believe in. I really did not want to have to worry about my braces on our trip to Disney-they require a lot of time and maintenance, the idea of carrying around a fanny pack filled with toothpaste, floss and little brushes sounds awfully nerdy.

There is just one tooth that is still slightly overlapped, it was the tooth which inspired the ardent desire to get braces in the first place and they knew it would take the longest. However it still is not where it needs to be: my orthodontist said it is less than one millimeter away from sliding into the right spot and that it ought to be there within the next 2 months!

The time has really flown by and the embarrassing factor is all but gone. For the most part...though I do feel odd when I run into people that I know but who are seeing the braces for the first time. It's awkward because they don't say anything about it! It's like I have a new obvious handicap and it feels strange when it's not discussed-a brief mention would suffice like "oh, how long have you had your braces" or "your teeth look  like that of a movie star" or even a "you go girl" would give me a little pep in my step! It would be peculiar for me to bring it up...can you imagine if Brittany Spears walked around pointing to her hair saying "I shaved my head"....that might seem narcissistic! But then again I had a boss who used to say that having a blog was narcissistic.

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  1. Fantastic news about your teeth and what a huge difference it makes. Sounds like it's shaping up to be a fab year for you, my year is going fab also, glad to see we are both having a much more positive and happy year compared to last year.

    Not long to go now for those teeth or the trip to disneyland. Can't wait to hear more about the magical disneyworld:-)

    1. thank you, it's really been a HUGE turnaround. I'm very happy with the way my life is going and SO excited for all my upcoming travel plans!! as far as getting the braces...finally accomplishing a goal has never felt so rewarding!


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