Friday, April 12, 2013

The worst anniversary ever

If you didn't read about my Easter this year, you should before you read this-

On the morning of April 2, 2013, our 8th wedding anniversary, I woke up at 4h a.m. feeling sick....really sick. I threw up a few times then was able to go back to sleep for an hour or so before my daughter woke up. I spent all day lying on the couch while Z took my temperature, blood pressure, put bandaids on me and gave me injections with her doctor set we had put in her Easter basket. She is an amazing little MD for being just 2 years old. She was tender and loving and seemed to understand that mommy couldn't play. I suffered through the wretched day, it was a challenge and took everything out of me to feed her, change her and take care of her...I was so anxious for Joel to get home and take care of both of us. I knew our anniversary plans would have to be postponed, we were going to go to a fondue restaurant, but I still thought we would be able to enjoy our annual tradition of watching our wedding video, drinking champagne and eating pizza-I was sure I'd feel better in a few hours.

When Joel got home from work he told me that he was starting to feel a little under the weather - within 30 minutes we were both puking our brains out. He'd go in the bathroom then minutes later I'd hurl myself out of bed barely making it to the toilette. I felt like I was throwing up the devil. It was violent, painful, disgusting, and heinous. It was the first time I felt like a sickness had actually taken an evil form. I kept saying I needed to go to the hospital. Since I tend to have a flair for the dramatics, Joel thought I was exaggerating. I waited until 8h- by that point I had endured 16 hours of the most grueling attack on my body I have ever experienced and I couldn't take it anymore. Every second seemed to be magnanimously worse than the previous. It was a feat to even get to the hospital but I knew if I didn't there was no way I could care for my daughter in that state the next day.

So we went to the local emergency room. While the nurse was setting up my IV Joel began to sympathize with my need to go to the hospital as he started feeling worse. After they got me all hooked up they admitted him.

I will never forget how amazing our daughter was that day. We couldn't play with her, we could barely take care of ourselves and she was like an angle sent from heaven. Sweet, attentive, loving, nurturing, sympathetic and calm. When the apocalyptic vomiting began she was a little scared at first-hell I was terrified-but she stayed cool and kept praying "Jesus help my mommy" and telling me "feel good honey". She is a dream daughter.

I feel very sad that for the first time in 8 years we didn't get to watch our wedding video (we still haven't but we will soon) but this viscous case of the stomach flu thwarted our plans-it's not like we just 'didn't get around to it'.

And that's how we spent our anniversary, laying in hospital beds next to each other feeling like we were going to die-both totally miserable. I felt very sick for 5 days afterward. Later in the week I called everyone just to make sure nobody else had gotten sick. As it turns out 8 out of 9 people had the stomach flu. Reluctantly I am glad my mom didn't come, this gruesome case of the stomach flu probably would have killed her! Presumably Joel and I got it from our daughter then passed it along. On that Friday before Easter she and I had volunteered so I'm sure that's where she picked it up the virus. The real mystery to me is not how we all got sick but how one person out of 9 managed NOT to become ill.

 I used to wonder why people were so afraid of getting the flu-now I know the answer, and I too will forever be crossing my fingers that this never happens again!

Though we don't do anniversary gifts, we do like to do something different together and I have to admit-this was different!

Anniversaries Past 

Year 1-We got matching tattoos.
Year 2- We played pool.
Year 3-Went to the shooting range.
Year 4-We beat the crap out of each other at Krav Maga.
Year 5-I was pregnant.
Year 6-We went to Millenium Park in Chicago.
Year 7-We shot handguns at an indoor range.
Year 8- We had matching IV's in the ER.

None the less Dear Happy Anniversary, I love you with all my heart and what do ya say...wanna shoot for 8 more? There's no one I'd rather lay next to in the hospital....except for maybe a celebrity...or a former president.


  1. Gosh, you poor things:-( How yucky and awful, that sounds terrible, especially with you both being ill at the same time and having to look after Zeeva.

    Having a sickness bug is awful, i had one that was really bad once and was off work for about four days with it and took a while to feel human again.

    Don't know how you cope looking after a little one though at the same time as being ill.x

    1. it was terrible...certainly the most ILL i have been in years...i wouldn't wish the stupid stomach flu on my worst enemy!


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