Monday, April 8, 2013

BEFORE AND AFTER: living room

Well the week of Easter/Joel's Birthday/our Anniversary was interesting....and I will share it all with you but I  have to start with our living room...we had it redone, well we started it by repainting every centimeter and we only have a few more things to do.

 It couldn't have been a worse week to do all this work considering our finances and our time since I was also planning and preparing a surprise party for Joel but/and we were hosting Easter dinner at our house so we wanted it to look nice-so to make this clear...we redid the living room at this time SPECIFICALLY because we were hosting Easter at our house....

I LOVE the size of our fireplace but I HATED this ugly 'Chicago style' brick! I was embarrassed every time it snuck into the background of pictures but now I try to make our fireplace the focal point of our photographs we take! I'm SO happy and pleased with the results so far! It's so fun fixing up our house!

I just want to get a new ceiling fan and have that 'window' next to the fireplace turned into a a few weeks we're starting the bathroom....a bathroom that we actually refer to as 'the suck bathroom''s going to take a long time but one day my goal of having my 'dream house' will be fulfilled!


  1. Wow, am really impressed with how good it all looks. Definite huge improvements. It really looks fantastic. Well done on the hard work, especially considering illnesses and birthdays.xx

    1. THANK YOU! I AM SO GLAD THAT WE DID IT! I was a little nervous about the big change (in case we didn't like it) but now i just love my living room!!


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