Thursday, March 28, 2013

Joel's 30th Birthday

Last year Joel's birthday was...lackluster. I felt terrible about it; the three of us went out to dinner, no gifts from me, and that was about this year I certainly had some making up to do! And he definitely was surprised! We have done a lot of work to our house in the past week and had to get a new transmission in our NEW car so he was under the impression that we were low on funds and that I couldn't do a lot of gifts and he knew I didn't want a party at the house-but I had a few tricks up my sleeve....I always have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Phase 1: I left a birthday card with money in it in the bathroom so he could get himself some breakfast.

Phase 2: I told him he had 3 small gifts...there was about 20 different things awaiting when he got home from work...and our little sweetheart was so cute-as soon as he walked in the door she yelled enthusiastically "we got you presents Daddy-TADA!"

Phase 3: I told him a Jehova's Witness was at the was my dad and step mom to give him his gift.

Phase 4: I told him we were meeting my mom and step dad for dinner.....27 of his friends and family were waiting at the restaurant when we arrived!

It was a great day and I know Joel had a ton of fun! His exact words were "you are the greatest woman in the world"

and then here are some cute pics of the cutest thing in the world from today....


  1. Aww, now that is a great birthday. Glad he had such a great time and you organised so many wonderful surprises for him. Hope he will return the favour in June;-)

    I can see why he thinks your such a fantastic woman:-)

    1. Thank you Dannie!! I just hope he returns the favor in June!


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