Thursday, March 7, 2013

Michigander Must Do List

I was thinking about how I made a little Chilean Bucket List for my friend who recently moved to Chile and it dawned on me that I really ought to do the same thing for 'my foreigners'. I do not know how long the Brazilians or the Russian plan to live in Michigan so I came up with some things that I think they should do here before they leave!

 Here is their Michigan Summer Bucket List....let's get started as soon as it warms up!

                                                          1. Go to Tiger's Game

2.Mackinac Island

3. Swim in one of the Great Lakes

4.Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

5. Mystery Spot 

6. Hell, Michigan

7. Detroit Zoo

8. Renaissance Festival 

9. Ann Arbor Art Fair

10. Holland Tulip Festival

11. Greenfield Village

12. Frankenmouth

13. 4-h Fair

14. Go to a concert at Pine Knob (or DTE)

15. See Niagra Falls-it's not in Michigan but it's a very Michigan thing to do

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