Thursday, February 7, 2013

10 fun things to do in Chile

My friend Shannon recently moved to Chile and I agreed to make her a Chilean bucket are some ideas for her. To better understand why I'm doing this I would like to encourage you to read the poem I wrote her if you have not already and if you have I'm going to suggest you read it again HERE, because it's the best ridiculous poem ever written. Shannon has declared she will do everything on this WHEN she does them I will do a little review and share her photos.

Darling Shannon, you have but 11 months left to...

1. get a snail massage

2. visit La Moneda

3. visit the Fonck Museum

4. visit the nude beach in Horcon

5. take a day hike on the Andes Mountains

6. swim in the largest swimming pool in the world

7. eat a calzone roto

8. learn to dance the cueca

9. see a Chilean rose

10. See the Atacama Desert

And as a bonus you need to get a similar outfit to the one this chick's wearing.


Have you been to Chile? What were your favorite things to do in Chile?

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  1. This looks like an amazing place to visit. I have never made it to South America, but really want to some day soon.

    I just came across your blog here and really like it! I usually focus on travel blogs (which you cover too) but your story here seems really interesting too. I look forward to following along!

    1. Hi Adam! Thanks for reading, I'm glad you found my blog!

      I do write about travel as much as possible,overall I would say its a lot of self improvement. I take a lot of classss, learn new things, try adventurous experiences as well as trying to grow as a person all while taking steps to become where I want to be physically (I.e. I got braces 7 months ago and I'm working on achieving my life long goal weigh!), not to mention getting where I want to be financially!

      I have around 1,000 life goals I want to accomplish and I hope I can inspire people to live life to the fullest!

  2. The snail massage looks gross! I love the world's biggest swimming pool and that desert looks really cool, as does the Andes mountains:-)

    Hope Shannon has fun out there.xx

    1. I would totally do the snail massage!!

      I think my buddy is having the time of her life! ....not sure if she's ever going to come back!


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