Friday, February 15, 2013

10 more things to do in Chile

For my amiga who moved to Chile just 6 weeks ago- I made her a Chilean Bucket List last week but in case  she accomplishes everything on that list she can move onto this one!

1. Salto de Laja Waterfall

2. Los Andes Waterfalls

3. Torres del Paine

4. Flamingo Preserve

5. Puritama Hot Springs

6. Patagonia Rainforest

7. Easter Island

8. Cathedral de Santiago

9. Hotel la Montana

10. Attend a soccer game

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The Ultimate Life List is now of facebook....please GUSTA it!


  1. I think Hotel Montana, Easter islands and Patagonia rain forest would have to be on my first list of things to do in Chile, because they seem like excellent things.

    I was telling my clients about that snail massage you previously posted about. They were definitely grossed out!

    Another fab post as always, nicely highlighting all the amazing places in the world.xx

    1. I would pick the same things...and add on the atacama desert....and ya know what I'd totally get the snail massage!

      Thank you for the very nice compliment! Doing the travel tips is one of my favorite blogs to write!

  2. The only one I'be done is the Cathedral de Stgo, but I almost feel like it doesn't count because I live 10 minutes away on foot. I want to do Torres del Paine but I'm waiting for my sister and I want to go to San Pedro de Atacama. I could care less about soccer and the games, at least the big ones become quite violent.


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