Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sesame Street Live at the Fox

I am lucky enough to have a 'hook up' at PBS who offered us free tickets to Sesame Street Live at the stunning Fox Theater in downtown Detroit. Obviously my 2 year daughter LOVES Sesame Street so we jumped at this! It was a wonderful show, Z had a great time dancing and shouting words of encouragement to the characters on the stage "Good Job Ritos!" (Rosita) "Hi Abby!" "Dance Elmo!" It was adorable and heart warming. My daughter is my favorite thing in the second favorite thing is seeing her smile. It was just a fun, family night. I couldn't get any pics of the characters which is ok since we've been to Sesame Place 3 times and have lots of pictures not just of the characters but of Z hugging them! I wanted to share my pics of the gallant Fox Theater because it really is the jewel of Detroit in my opinion and the wonder of the interior of this building is never lost, so I wanted to share some of my pics with you....I promise I'm going to get a better camera soon! When we walked in my sweet little girl said "wow it's amazing" which made me laugh because I must say that a lot! And it was too cute. Then I showed the Brazilians the pics and the mom said "it's like a castle". Sesame Street Live tickets are very affordable, and the show is the perfect amount of time for little kids: the first act is 40 minutes, 15 minute intermission, then the second half is only 20 minutes. Parents I think it's a wonderful show to take your kids to especially in these cold months, it's a nice outing.

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  1. Looks like fun! I can't remember if you said, but i am guessing that Sesame street is very big in America. I think we have it on the tele over here.

    Glad you all got to have a lovely family day out:-)

    1. Well I think it is pretty big...definitely Elmo is a big deal but I think Zeeva's connection stems from when we went to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania and she liked it so much we just kept going with it! There are lots of characters, singing, dancing and it is educational so I like that she enjoys it. theres' one called 'sponge bob' and a study was done that proved that kids who watched sponge bob were NOT as smart as kids who didn't watch it! So we stay away from that one!


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