Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get out of my mouth!

I have had my braces for 7 months now...I am VERY pleased about the progress on my lower teeth...however....I went to the orthodontist 6 days ago and my mouth STILL hurts, I can only eat really soft foods and I'm downing motrin like a mad woman! I can't figure it out, they're basically straight...why is it hurting so much now? The science doesn't make sense, when my teeth were moving a lot in the beginning, it didn't hurt at all.

 It was not a good appointment, the woman working on my mouth was ticking me off and then jammed my tooth and broke a bracket off! It hurt, it took an hour to fix, and I had the unfortunate pleasure of having the cement sanded off my tooth. Doesn't sound that bad? It was like a jack hammer was in my mouth, it made me so uncomfortable I thought I was going to pass out (which made me realize that I often get light headed when I'm having an adverse reaction to a situation.) On top of that my Dentist agreed with me that there has been no improvement on the top teeth over the past 2 months, NICE! You can't really see it in the pictures but the two teeth on the top are still not where they're supposed to be....but it certainly does look better.

Then when I was leaving...they told me that next time I come in, they're going "to start moving my roots". What the hell does that mean!?! Well, at least I have something to freak out over for the next 2 months.

Ok, moving on...I will say that I can feel my teeth really moving now! The top doesn't look better but it feels better, if that makes any sense. And I keep thinking about the fact that it was about this time last year that I started talking to my husband about seriously considering finally getting braces though I was really struggling with the idea...and now a year later I've had them for 7 months!

p.s. Thank God I'm already married...these are some horrific pictures of myself that I'm choosing to post on the internet! (Sorry husband)

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  1. I did think you were rather brave posting some of these pictures!

    Glad the teeth are working out for you and they are definitely looking straighter:-)

    Am not sure what moving the roots means either, perhaps google, although that might scare you even more!

    1. Oh! No way! I've had to make a very serious decision to not google anything medical any more!! It makes me to crazy...and i really have to force myself to resist!

      Ha! Yes I know- these pics are 'unflattering' but when I look at them I'm really only looking at my teeth, so I thought maybe no body else would notice how bad I looked!! Haha!! I'm going to revamp the pics next month!


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