Friday, February 8, 2013

15 things to do in Pennsylvania

I've decided to alter my 'travel tips' that I've been putting together a little and I've been meaning to do a concise list of some of the fun things to do in Pennsylvania since we spent so much time there last year. I have thousands of lists like these...(I'm a little obsessed when it comes to list making) but I think some of them are worth sharing! Naturally I have many more items on my list of things to do in Pennsylvania but I have decided to include the things that I've already done and written about for now. Surely one day I'll add onto this list!

1. Haine's Shoe House

2. Spend Groundhog Day in Punxatawney

3. Sesame Place

4. Spend time at Valley Forge

5. Visit historic Gettysburg

6. Tour the Betsy Ross House

7. Take a Carriage Ride around Philadelphia

8. Pet Alpacas at Eastland Alpacas Farm

9. See Amish country via an authentic Buggy Ride in Lancaster

10. Take a ride on the Strasburg Railroad

11. Eat a Cheese Steak at the famous Geno's

12. Run up the Rocky Steps

13. Stay at the luxurious Hershey Hotel

14. See Ben Franklins' Grave

15. Spend an afternoon at Franklin Square Park

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