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When: October 3rd, 2012- Our day of LIFE LIST fun! We did 3 LIFE LIST items in one day while we were on our second trip to Philadelphia. After our buggy ride, we went on a train ride, then we visited an Alpaca Farm, all these were within 2 hours from our hotel so it was a long day for us!

Where: AAA Buggy Rides in Lancaster Pennsylvania in the Kitchen Kettle Village.

We got to sit up front and she got to drive the buggy!
Cost: $18/adult and free for kids under $2 for a 35 minute ride (ours was a little longer). There is also the option to pay more for a private buggy ride which is longer and you get to go through a covered bridge.

It was gorgeous- and no ugly power lines! 
Why this is on my list? I have always been fascinated with Amish culture, it is incredible that we could live in a country that comes out with new mind blowing technology every day and yet there are the Amish who choose to live among us by their rules. No phones, no cell phones, no smart phones, no internet, no texting, no flat screens, no blue ray, no high def, no skype, no electricity, no cars, no indoor plumbing, i.e. no inside toilets. They are amazing people whose beliefs, culture and every day way of life is fundamentally simple yet rich. My Amish interest was peaked when I was 16 and went to Shipshewana in Indiana with my Grandma. I have treasured memories from that day trip I took with a bus full of senior citizens but other than being at the outdoor market we really didn't partake in anything Amish.

What would I do differently? It was a wonderful perfect experience and the only thing I would have done differently would be to schedule things farther apart. This took a little longer than expected and I had to rush to the next thing- a train ride because it only ran at certain times- where I was supposed to visit the alpaca farm next, so I ended up being late to the Alpaca farm and had to forfeit spending more time in Amish country. There's a ton to see and do you could very easily spend a whole weekend there. Also, I really wanted to ask Elsie, our driver, a question- as I'm sure you know by now I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding and I am dying to know (which I am sure they do) if Amish women breastfeed and for how long? I didn't want to embarrass her nor make the others on the buggy uncomfortable but I wish I would have pulled her aside or something- not knowing this is really bugging me.

Something I would recommend? Yes! Everyone HAS to do this!!! You get to learn so much about such an interesting culture- I never could have received such insight from any book or documentary. This is also an opportunity to see such pristine and beautiful land and Lancaster is an excellent destination for families with kids, there are many nature based activities and provides an invaluable learning experience.

Will I do it again? Yes, when my daughter gets a bit older I think it is so much better for kids to learn outside of the classroom and I will always be adamant that my daughter understands and appreciates what other cultures have to offer. Other than that, what I would really like to interview an Amish woman---this experience left my mind spinning with thousands of questions.

4 mules lined up side by side passing us by.
Was it life changing? Yes. This experience left me feeling like I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN AMISH!!!! There are countless attributes to the Amish lifestyle which I admire and wish I could apply to my daily life. Namely, no talking on the phone! As much as I love my iphone, I do not like talking on the phone (unless it's to one of my out of state family members).
 This was such a fulfilling experience, even though it was a hot day it was a refreshing fall activity. We were very lucky to have had a young girl, Elsie, as our driver who was genuine, kindhearted and did not mind having her picture taken. She probably gets asked all the same questions several times each day yet you wouldn't know it. Not once did she seem pestered or irritated, she seemed glad that myself and the others on the buggy had an interest in her way of life and was very happy to answer every question. If I could leave you with something that perhaps you didn't realize about the Amish, it would be that these are a people of MANY talents. Even though Elsie had completed her studies at the 8th grade level, I was highly impressed with the LONG list of her abilities (certainly she was in NO fashion bragging, but as I said we all were asking a lot of questions and this was my personal takeaway). Just to name a few, these included being fluent in 3 languages, quilting, cooking, sports, and not to mention- remarkable horsemanship. I have to say, I was a little envious and wished that I had her skills at my fingertips. I now have the utmost respect for this culture, I am even more interested than I was before, and eager to search out more information-actually I wish they would let me live with them for a week!!! OH PLEASE AMISH COMMUNITY - TAKE ME, I'M YOURS!!!!!

Kitchen Kettle Village- Lots of little shops and a free petting zoo. We didn't really go in the shops but we did take advantage of the free petting zoo-it was the cleanest petting zoo I have ever seen. 


  1. How cool to have visited an Amish place. The buggy ride looks like fun and a really culturally interesting experience.

    Do you get to see any of the rest of the village or get to meet any of the other Amish?

    That's fantastic that she can speak those languages and that they learn so many skills.xx

    1. I only was able to see the farms whilst driving by, and it was really beautiful. I wish I would have had more time there was several things I planned on doing but was crunched for time. I'd like to take Zeeva back one day when she's older so she can fully understand what Amish culture is all about.


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