Thursday, November 1, 2012


Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!”

We really half arsed Halloween this year, I would love to have gone all out but it is just not financially feasible to go all out for every holiday. Maybe next year..I would LOVE to have decorations outside and lots of pumpkins and great costumes and make Halloween themed treats...but we just had a big party for our little girl's birthday and Christmas is around the corner so we have to pick and choose. But it was a great day!!! It was her first time trick or treating and she did awesome!!!! She walked almost the whole time even though it was FREEZING outside, she held her little pumpkin on her arm...which calls 'punnit', she said 'trick or treat' after she knocked on the doors all by herself and then she told everyone 'sank you'. She was darling- in fact, she had the cutest costume on the block! For me it was a purely gleeful experience to take my daughter trick or treating for her first time- I was SO proud of her, it's amazing to see her take part in traditions like these for the first time. And since this was our first year in our new house it was such a nice neighborly thing to do. It couldn't have been a better evening. 

 1st Halloween

 2nd Halloween
This Halloween!

Just 3 weeks old...

Just over 1 year...

Just turned 2....


  1. Whoa, I didn't know Daddy was a Lion, very well done on all counts!

    1. I have had that lion mask since I was 14- my mom took Bob Tiano and I to the Detroit Zoo and we it there...I still have my tiger mask too.

  2. Aww, so cute, the pics are adorable. You both look great and fun! Glad Zeeva had fun and that people are so willing to embrace the whole festivities! It's not such a big deal over here and most people don't answer their door!I hope she got a nice bunch of treats

    1. It's a really big deal here, on the news they said Americans spent 8 billion dollars on Halloween costumes. It was a lot of fun, next year I'm sure she will want to pick her own costume-I wonder what she'll pick!


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