Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Oh how I would do anything to be one of these guys for a day!
On this second trip to Philadelphia I decided to go back to Valley Forge because my husband didn't get a chance to see it on our first trip, it was only a 10 minute drive from our hotel and it's free!

Playing while a the very historic house of George Washington rests casually in the background.

It was interesting to be back there and I played a VERY different role! On our first trip I was completely clueless about what Valley Forge actually was but it was so interesting to me that I ended up asking a lot of questions and read up on it a bit. So on this trip I was like Joel's tour guide, I surprised myself at how much I knew! He would say something like "I wonder what happened to all the cabins people lived in" not expecting a response and I would say "Well as soon as the troops moved out the farmers needed to make use of their land again and get their crops growing so the cabins were torn done immediately afterwards."     Who am I?!? It was a good feeling, the park is lovely, I would return again, and again and again. I would love to go with someone who had no previous knowledge of my former idiot self thinking it was a battle ground and I could wow them with my facts and information....if ever I need to impress someone I think I will take them to Valley Forge. Perhaps I can schedule future interviews here.

Our 1 year old enjoyed it too, of course, after all she's a zealous history buff. Actually she probably is one of the few 1 year olds who has been to Valley Forge several times.

Afterwards we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse because we were given a gift certificate and there isn't one of their restaurants near our house in Michigan so we've been waiting for a chance to use this gift card. I had never had any desire in particular to eat at Texas Roadhouse, it seemed a little cheesy to me. I was proved way wrong, it is a terrific restaurant! We rarely take our small child to restaurants because it's very stressful and there's a lot of things to be concerned with, but this is the absolute best restaurant to take children!!!! There's a ton of decor for children to awe at, the music is loud i.e. you don't have to worry about your kiddos being quiet and disturbing the other diners and my daughter loves to dance so this was right up her ally. They give you a ton of food and it comes quickly! Which, if you have kids this is the big concern, how long can you get your child to wait for food before they flip out. They give crayons and a coloring BOOK. Not to mention the food is really good! It was the best experience we've ever had at a restaurant with our daughter and to top it all off it was a totally free day!

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