Saturday, October 6, 2012

My daughters' FIRST birthday

FIRST Birthday Party!!!

October 7, 2010

October 7, 2011

 It was a few days after her birthday that we held her very first birthday party, I wanted to just have her all to myself on the day of her actual birthday! So we woke up (Daddy took the day off work) got donuts, let her open her gifts and then for lunch we went to the Olive Garden -for 2 reasons 1. We had dinner there the night before she was born and 2. It's become a joke in my family we have ZILLIONS of pictures of all of us celebrating our birthdays at the Olive Garden. I was so teary eyed all day, and when we sang Happy Birthday to her I really broke down. It's just such a big deal, I cannot explain entirely what an amazing feeling it is to have a daughter to buy gifts for and to celebrate her birthday in a big way-I cannot believe she will be 2 years old tomorrow...sometimes I look her and take in all her amazingness and think 'it simply came from one little sentence..."I think I'm ready to have a baby" and now 2 years and 9 months later here is another person who makes so many people smile each day, another person who so many look forward to seeing and spending time with and a person who I now live my life for. I was so unsure about having a baby I made my husband wait and wait...which now seems so silly to me-I often wish I would have had her sooner so I could have more time with her, but if she had come sooner maybe I wouldn't be the Mom I am today. I wish I could remember every single moment with her, it feels like we move forward so quickly I rarely have time to stop and think all of the amazing moments I've had with her. My perfect idea of what heaven is like would be reliving every second with my daughter all over, every smile, every time she's wrapped her fingers around mine, every time she's looked at me, every time she's called me Mommy, every time I've looked at her sweet little face, every time I've comforted her when she was crying, every diaper change, every time I was next to her when she feel asleep and woke up, every kiss she's given me and every hug-oh every moment...even the stressful ones--I could go on and on...her birthdays make me so emotional, I just think that having a daughter is like winning the lottery and has made my life so complete. She is my beating heart-I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have such an incredible, smart, funny, sweet, cute, beautiful, loving, compassionate, generous and genuine little girl.

Here are some pictures of her very first birthday party.

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  1. Happy birthday Zeeva:-) Hope she has a great day, gets spoilt rotten and enjoys her special day.

    That's a lovely dedication to her, which you've wrote. Just goes to show, any tough times are worth it:-)xx


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