Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to Philadelphia

    In July my daughter and I joined my husband in Philadelphia for 2 weeks and we had such a wonderful time, I told him that if he ever had to go back we would definitely go with him...I just didn't think it would be so soon! We came home August 5th and returned September 23rd for another 2 week stint. It was a short notice trip and we left the day after the wedding I did which was also in the middle of my French translation project so it was hectic. Not to mention that we arrived back to Michigan the before my daughters 2nd birthday and which allotted me just one week to prep for her big Sesame Street themed birthday party.

    This trip got off to a very rocky start, within our first 48 hours in Philadelphia our brakes started making noises, I had problems with my braces, my husband had a disc slip in his back, and a 'fellow' guest at our hotel said something to me that was so rude that I started to think that maybe this trip was a bad idea. So we left. Well, my daughter and I that is, and we went to Maryland to visit my Aunt whom we had just met up with in Pittsburgh the month before-and from there our adventures began and the rest of our trip was lovely, interesting, fulfilling, and provided us with loads of memories and pictures which will last forever. I am so happy we decided to go..on both trips-generally I have very poor decision making skills but I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for making the decisions to go to Philadelphia twice, they were last minute trips and on both occasions did not think that financially they were good timing. Also my main concern was how my daughter was going to handle the long car rides or living in a small hotel room.

     I have lots to share with you including our mini trip to Maryland, a return to Valley Forge, a third return to Sesame Place for their Halloween Spooktacular, a fun day to Amish country where I got to complete my life list items of taking an Amish Buggy ride, visiting an Alpaca Farm, and a fun ride on a landmark Railroad. So I've got lots to write about this week and with Halloween around the corner and starting another Hula class I'm certainly keeping busy and enjoying all my new life experiences!


  1. Glad it all worked out...sorry we never got to meet up in Pittsburgh! I ended leaving a day earlier anyways.

  2. Oh no! Sorry that things didn't exactly work out so well on the second trip to Philadelphia, but am glad that after the rocky start it balanced itself out well! Bet it's always nice to catch up with your aunt.

    Looking forward to reading more about the Amish place, we don't have things like that over here.xx

    1. Amish areas are awesome, it is so hard to believe that in such an advanced society that people really live like that, I can't wait to share all my thoughts and pictures...but I think the Amish are doing THE DAMN THING!!!


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