Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weigh in Wednesdays: I'VE LOST 100 POUNDS!

September 26th 2012-161 lbs 

I have long looked forward to this day and here it is!!!! 161 pounds down from the high of 261! I feel so good about myself - the changes are countless in my health, the way I feel physically, and emotionally-granted most of my weight was pregnancy related so there were a lot of other things making me feel physically uncomfortable but I think many of them were related to my weight. My goal was to lose 100 lbs by my daughters 2nd birthday and I have done it! It has taken me just 10 days shy of 2 years to lose this much weight and I DO NOT  think it was hard or difficult in any simply took effort.
October 6th 2010 - 9 months pregnant 261 lbs 

2-3 weeks later -me about 25 pounds lighter-237 lbs 

April 2nd 2011-230 lbs 

July 2011- 215 lbs 

October 9th 2011-199 lbs 

December 2011- 187 lbs 

Easter 2012-183 lbs 

June 15th 2012-179 lbs 

July 4th 2012-177 lbs 
July 2012-175 lbs 
August 4th-170 lbs 

HOW DID I LOSE 100 POUNDS??? A combination of the following but NEVER did I give up the things I love like pizza and chocolate!

1. Give birth
3. Walk
4. Reduce/eliminate carbohydrates after 5h
5. Juice
6. Get braces
7. Eating in moderation


  1. What an amazing transformation and all those miles and miles you walked really paid off!

    1. They certainly did!! Just walking...a lot of walking but that really did so much for me.

  2. You look FABULOUS! You should be very proud of yourself!

    1. Thank you Annette!!! I am really happy-it feels amazing!!!

  3. Yay!! Go you!! That is fantastic news that you have gone and cracked it:-) The difference is amazing and you look completely different. I hope you treated yourself as you definitely deserve it after all that hard work.xx


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