Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jungle Java- a great place for kids to play!

I am trying to put together a concise list of fun places to take your tyke in the freezing cold winter months. I'm going to write a short review of the destination, include some details and wrap it up with a beautiful bullet point list in a week or so. Don't worry even though spring is around the corner it's going to be just as cold as it is today by the time I finish my list! And it will be available for next year too!

Place of fun: Jungle Java

Location: Multiple locations: Clinton Township, Farmington Hills & Canton Michigan

All my pics were blurry-she wouldn't slow down!
Hours: Open Monday through Sunday- hours vary slightly but they are open every day during the hours of
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Cost: 2 and up $7.50, 1 years old $3, under 12 months FREE, Adults FREE

Description: A large indoor facility that holds a massive jungle gym, slides, a basketball court, a laser tag zone, food court, comfy leather chairs and WiFi.

Food available: There is a wide variety of snacks and meal options and they are very reasonably priced.

We had a blast!


  • it is a GREAT place for kids to run around and be as loud as they want.
  • the food was very inexpensive with lots of options!
  • I paid $7.50 for 3 hours of fun- it is money WELL spent.
  • We only stayed 3 hours, but you could essentially stay the entire day if you wanted!
  • Even though I brought my own, they did have several hand sanitizer stations. 


  • There are no attendants, obviously parents are responsible for their own children....but there are many kids who are essentially unsupervised-these are the children who needed it the most! Also, there were a lot of older, bigger kids running around with all these little kids-it made me very nervous. 
  • I thought the 'sign out' process could have been improved. It's a big place, with hundreds of people, and with your children running around it is very easy to lose track of them...even if you are following them around the entire time...
  • I unfortunately and accidentally went during mid Winter break and it was hectic and chaotic to say the least-I would go again but only during the week, early in the day and while school is in session!
  • the area for the toddlers could use some sprucing up!

My advice:

  • go as early in the day as possible.
  • do not bring a lot of belongings with you/ or expensive things- I actually lost my iPhone but some gracious human being ACTUALLY turned it in to the lost and found! But I would NOT take it again!
  • wear comfy clothes-moms and dads if you're climbing through these jungle gyms with your kids you don't want to worry about your crack showing...I saw enough crack that day to fill my quota for the year.


  1. Sounds like fun! We have lots of those over here in the UK, in fact one night a month it is given over purely to adults to play in! I went and had a blast. some of the stuff was a little scary for me though, shows how much of a wimpy kid i was!

    Looks like Zeeva had fun and i am so glad you got your iphone back, what a nightmare. School holidays always mean lots of other children around, so yeah best to go when it is a bit quieter.xx

    1. That's so cool that there's a night just for adults! That would be great at the bounce house!


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