Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yesterday I decided to take my daughter to this place I found online, we woke up late, my dad called and by the time we started getting ready we only had 10 minutes to do so, I almost said forget it, we'll go another time...I am so glad we husseled and went. We had a magnificent time, it was a great new experience for both me and my 2 year old little girl.

Place of fun: Pump It Up 

Location: Nationwide- visit the website and type in your zip code to find a bounce site near you.

Hours: Only open at certain times-check the website and click on the 'event calendar'. The jump sessions last one hour and thirty minutes, which is plenty of time.

Cost: $7 per child- adults FREE

Description: An indoor play facility consisting of multiple, large inflatable units. The one we visited had 6 big bounce inflatables that were each provided a different setting/things to do.

Food available: I saw some vending machines- that's about it unless they have food available for purchase  for scheduled parties.

  • There were VERY few people there, for the first 45 minutes we only had to share the place with 4 other kids-it was WONDERFUL, a few more trickled in but there wasn't more than 10 kids.
  • Parents get to bounce too!
  • $7 for an hour and a half...couldn't beat the price!
  • They have specific times for preschoolers (which is obviously what we attended) there are also 'open jump' slots available for older kids.
  • It is a safe place where kids and play, be loud, mingle with other children and get some exercise!
  • Because of the set up and amount of people I did not worry even once about our belongings turning up missing.

  • NONE!
My advice:
  • great place to host a party!
  • I brought water and a little snack, it's a lot of activity so it was definitely beneficial to have water for the both of us. 

* I also started talking with another mother there, our daughters were playing and hitting it off, we hit it off too and ended up exchanging numbers! I invited them to join us for our outing next week!

* Heart warming moment...while I was putting on my daughter's coat she said "I had fun mama" to hear my little 2 year old volunteer that made the entire day priceless.


  1. I held Julie and Christians 3rd party here. It was awesome!

    1. JW I'm kind of thinking about having Z's party there too, it would SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Sounds great, haven't heard of those places before. You guys have some great things to do!

    1. Dannie, this place was FANTASTIC! I had a ball, and we will definitely go again soon!


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