Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sesame Street Themed Party

There was no doubt we would be having a Sesame Street themed party for my daughters second birthday after our THREE visits to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania this summer. I LOVE throwing a party....I guess mostly I like decorating for parties. I like to include my holidays and birthdays since it's all part of my attempt  to live my life to the fullest. I'm going to include some info about each decoration in case anyone needs some ideas!

My awesomely talented sister made this Zoe as a gift to Z.

I got this truck for $1 at a garage sale and thought the tiny bananas would look cute and be a great snack for little kids.

This was just the gift bag we had her gifts in and popped a $2 mum inside it.

Again, my sister made this Oscar the Grouch which was a great gift and a unique decoration.

I painted frames and chairs I got at garage sales bright colors and she received some of these characters as gifts and some I bought her at Sesame Place.

I got Z this Elmo photo album from Sesame Place.

And filled it with pics we took of Z with the Sesame characters at Sesame Place.

Her annual white pumpkin that I will paint her age on until she's old and grey. 

Photos make some of the best decorations.

These magnets were a gift from my Aunt and her Daddy bought her the lunch box from Old Navy.
We did all splurge on Sesame shirts for the party....she always wants me to wear it now and when I put it on she says "cool Elmo shirt Mommy." 

The Cookie Monster rug and soap dispenser just happened to be on sale at Target. The Bert balloon I actually saved from our September trip to Sesame Place.

I wanted colorful foods and incorporated some of my daughters toys contain the treats.

I LOVE that my Mom wore an Elmo shirt and my sister color blocked....I like people to 'match' for pictures...they know me well.
She was so darn cute standing in front of this scene setter I got off Amazon for $12....she posed in front of each character

All from Party City....except the garbage can I HAD to get from Target... also on sale!
I bought my little darling this Elmo frame from Sesame Place knowing I would be using it for her party and this TOTALLY ADORABLE CAKE was from my favorite bakery!

I used everything we had that was bright colored and added balloons from Party City.

These cupcakes were AWESOME! I almost didn't go with this woman (different bakery than the cake) because she rubbed me the wrong way but I'm glad I changed my mind-they were a HUGE hit!

I hope I've helped with ideas for your next kids party and if that doesn't apply I hoped you just enjoyed looking at the pictures!


  1. Wow, you really do go to town and put loads of detail in to it, which is fantastic.

    It all looks great and i bet kids would love that (adults too!) It looks like sch a magical event especiall with all the effort that's gone in to it.

    I really like Joel's t shirt, that looks cool!

    Your sister is so talented, i wouldn't know where to start with any of that.

    1. Yes, my sister is s very talented artist!

      It's so much fun having a little girl! I get to really indulge in things I love (like party planning) and its pure joy to do things like this for her!

      It was a fun party, next year...I'm thinking of renting a pony :)


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