Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 8 & 9

one Christmas thing....Admittedly I did miss two days this week, my orthodontist put in a stronger wire and it has knocked my out for three days this week! Not only is my mouth in agony, but because of that I can't sleep or eat hardly anything so I've had very little energy. Alas, I cannot complain too much, it's not as if I was mugged and beaten in an alley. So today December 9th, I more than made up for the few days I was worthlessly lying around the house.

1. I finished a holiday scarf.

I'm such an idiot-as we were walking into the store I was thinking about all the compliments I thought I'd be getting on my Christmas scarf-no body say anything.
2. Took our daughter to see Santa. (total bonus, I was going to take her somewhere else that had a ridiculously long line and cost $40-I didn't even realize they had a Santa here)

It was totally free, maybe a 10 minute wait and I got to take my own pictures!
3. I wrapped presents.

I cannot wait to see the look on my 2 year old's face on Christmas morning!

4. Went to Bronner's. 
THE LARGEST CHRISTMAS STORE IN THE WORLD!! If you have never been you must go one day, especially around Christmastime it is really something to see. I hit the jackpot when I was born growing up a mere 45 minutes from this gem de Noel. Basically it is 100,000 square feet of everything and anything Christmas.

This tree was obviously gigantic...it also was $3,600.

one good thing....Being out for a few days I didn't do anything so yesterday (Sunday December 9) I seemed to have made up for my time lost.

1. We donated $14 to our church.

2. I bought a lovely bracelet for $7 benefiting HIV positive females in Africa.

3. Donated $30 to something else.

 We have decided to not buy Christmas gifts this year (except for our daughter) instead our church is offering gift cards that people can use to donate to which ever cause they would like. For instance we purchased two $15 gift cards which could be donated towards building a well in Africa, or providing medical care for those in need in India.

This was an easy decision for us this year, we decided to spend money to help someone SURVIVE as opposed to buy something for someone who doesn't really need anything and probably doesn't even want what you've given them. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts-I put a lot into my gift giving and I thoroughly enjoy it. And, similar to every other person who breathes air I LOVE receiving gifts but this year, I just feel like I've been totally blessed; we bought a house, I got my braces, my husband let me get a kitten and we were able to fix up certain things in our house so it would be ridiculous for me to expect any thing or receive anything.

I am, however, crazy excited for Christmas morning this year. This is not only our first Christmas in our house but also our daughter's first Christmas where she understands. She knows who Santa Clause is and can open her own gifts now. Because of her, Christmas is extra, extra, extra special this year.


  1. Great plan on the gift giving...a well in Africa, what better gift could anyone contribute to! Water is gold in that part of the world. P.S. I like your pics.

    1. Thank you!! I hope you enjoyed your gift!

  2. It sounds like this christmas will be a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful experience. That Christmas place looks superb and so much fun. That Santa that Zeeva is with, looks so realistic, his suit is lovely.

    The gift idea sounds lovely and a good way of doing things.xx

    1. I'm so happy that we went that route this year!! It felt great and everyone seemed to really appreciate the sentiment!


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