Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

I cannot explain how much I enjoy Christmas lights. Thank you for doing this to your house. You win.

 I couldn't find it appropriate to continue my daily posts after what happened on December 14th.
 Those families will be in my thoughts and heart over Christmas and probably forever.

Lulu and Lula Photography - our incredible Holiday pics! Couldn't be happier!
I find this Christmas to be a very somber one- especially with what happened Christmas Eve morning in Webster New York. If it was not for my daughter I would have completely shut down. But luckily I am so blessed to have a little sweetheart whom I was able to create many wonderful memories with this Holiday season and I would like to just recap our Christmas 2012 through pictures....

Santa had dropped this off a little early since it was so big.

We kept a roaring fire in the fireplace....smells so good...

Christmas Eve turned out to be a day of one snafu after another but Christmas Day was WONDERFUL!!! Almost totally perfect-

Christmas morning!!!!
Giant Santa at Bronners in Frankenmouth!

Outside drive through Christmas story.

Z keeping an eye on the kitty in the tree.

First Santa of the season at Bronners.

Festive toenails- a must!

Lulu and Lula photography.

Lulu & Lula Photography. 

Lulu & Lula Photography.

A real reindeer!!!

My little one got her own little Christmas tree!

It had been a while since I've sat on Santa's lap...but he insisted...

Reindeer and Polar Bear carousel at Bass Pro Shops Winter Wonderland.

For fun, I wrote my letter to Santa while Z colored-my sweet and thoughtful husband found this and bought me everything on the list...except the puppy...he keeps insisting we're not getting a puppy chihuahua.

The STUNNING Downtown Rochester Michigan!

I made all 3 of us matching Christmas scarves!

Next year I WILL have a better camera so you can see how truly amazing this 'light show' really is!

I got me and my daughter matching sparkle shoes!!! I LOVE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!

Scuba Santa at Rain forest Cafe.

Cha cha at Rainforest Cafe's breakfast with Santa!

I think she saw 6 different Santas!

We made a gingerbread house.

Matching snowman tattoos!

One of my favorite simple decorations.

My mom gave me this for Christmas a few years ago and I wear it as much as I can during the Holidays!

A surprise present from our AMAZING neighbors who know me so well already!


Big snow storm the day after Christmas to add to our Christmas Eve snow! My little ones first time playing in the snow and she knew just what to do! "I help my Daddy" she told me.

I guess when you turn 60 you decide to stop decorating for the Holidays. My Dad and Joel's Mom gave me tons of their no longer wanted decorations....and I took 'em!


Me and my Mom.

She was so good, and said thank you for everything!!!

I bought her this sweater before she was born (when I thought I was having a boy but she looks so cute in it!)

Obviously I am a woman of many talents-we made ornaments at Breakfast with Santa.

I got this beautiful sleigh at an antique store for $10-Merry Christmas to me!

Greatest $5 ever spent....ever.

My little forest.


I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, took lots of photos, made new memories and gave with your hearts. 


  1. Aww, i love of those Christmas pics, they are just fantastic!! So many great pics and wonderful things you do for Christmas. Seems like you have done so many wonderful things and had such a magical Christmas. Snow at Christmas is super too!

    I also think that although there are such awful tragedies in the world like the loss of those children, those children wouldn't want the world to be sad, they would want boys and girls to celebrate the Christmasses that they can't.

    Sounds like despite the somberness, you guys made it a magical and lovely christmas. Hope you enjoyed your time with Santa.

    Also sweet that Joel bought your all that was on your make shift Christmas list:-)

    1. It was a wonderful holiday, and having a child makes everything so much more fun!!! I wouldn't have done most of these things if we didn't have her. It's fun to show her these new traditions- I hope she grows up loving the holidays as much as I do!

  2. OMG I Love your blog! And thank you for featuring LULU & LULA PHOTOGRAPHY!
    I am a new fan!

    ania zywicki
    lulu & lula photography

    1. Thanks Ania!! Everyone loves your photos!!!!

      Since you have a little one close to zs age I think you will like my blog as I try to do most of my things with my little girl. I want to take advantage of this time where she's attached to me, I know the day will come when she wants to hang out with her friends instead.


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