Sunday, January 6, 2013

A poem dedicated to my friend and to Chile

As I wrote last week, my dear friend Shannon moved to Chile. I've been able to talk to her and Skype a few times since she's been there and I have to say, I feel like I'm on this amazing journey with her. I had to write her one of my silly poems of course. I included links to a few things I thought you might be interested in looking up. I'm going to do a Chilean Life List for her next week so I'll be adding more pictures which may provide you all with more LIFE LISTING ideas!

Shannon...estoy mi poema de amor para nada.

I'm writing this poem for my friend 
who had moved "where the land ends".

Via con Dios mi amigo,
buenas suerte and God speed-o

on your triumphant move to Santiago
though I would have chosen Tierra del Fuego.

It is imperative not to act to silly
while you're living with strangers in Chile,

for you must be careful how you joke
since they might be a more serious folk.

My friend, I've promised you a Chilean Bucket List
and I must apologize because I have been remiss-

I certainly was not being fair,
this country is nothing like Delaware

There are countless breathtaking sights to see
in this rather oblong country of Chile.

Firstly you will have rights to become a braggart 
if you visit the famously dry Atacama Desert.

Then take a dip in the Worlds Largest Pool
or going Arctic is another way to keep you cool.

I will totally flip out if you don't see the Maoi
like when you went to France and didn't see Versailles.

You've agreed to accomplish everything on your list.
As your time there passes you'll find things that I've missed,

feel free to add them on
so I can pass them along

Sur theultimatelifelist dot blogspot dot com
It's a fun little blog written by a mom. 


  1. Your so creative! What a lovely quirky poem for your dear friend, am sure she will love and appreciate it:-)

    Am keen to see the bucket list for Chile. It's not somewhere i particularly plan on going, but you may be able to tempt me and maybe even yourself in order for you to go and visit your friend.x

    1. Thank you!!! I love it, I had fun writing it and I'm learning do much about chile! I really don't have a desire to the country with thought I do want to go to easter island

      After doing the travel research though it makes me reconsider....ill get the travel tips up in a few weeks!


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