Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Buying a House Part 2

Why I was so nervous about buying a home...
  1. There's no maintenance in an apartment and I feared all the work involved with owning a home.
  2. I loved my apartment and many times proclaimed that 'I could have lived there forever'!
  3. We had a lovely pool, hot tub, sauna and exercise facility.
  4. There was a play area, and my daughter was just starting to make some little friends.
  5. I was scared that all our money would only go towards 'fixing up the house'.
  6. I didn't think I could find a house that was as nice as our 'luxury apartment'.
  7. I had a giant walk in closet and over sized bubble bath tub that would be hard to let go of.
  8. No shoveling, the parking lot and sidewalks were always plowed very quickly.
  9. No yard work.
  10. Everything was new and clean.
  11. There was a park within walking distance where I jogged and walked hundreds of miles for 5 years.
  12. I always felt safe. 
  13. We had 30 foot cathedral ceilings that I LOVED!   
  14. Our 94 year neighbor was a lovely woman who was always sending up gifts.
  15. And I thought with a house we'd never be able to go on vacation while affording to make the house ours.
  16. It was hard for me to leave the place we brought our daughter home from the hospital, where she took her first steps, said her first word, and celebrated her first birthday.
The playground.

In the summer it had a waterfall and beautiful, colorful flowers everywhere.

The was our second floor balcony.
Thanks to this playground we met our Brazilian friends who will forever be in our lives!

The complex would have the most beautiful flowers all over the grounds and changed for each season.

The lake I walked around SO MANY MANY times.

I do miss being able to walk to this park.


  1. Oh wow, you got to have a pool and hot tub! You lucky thing, no wonder you didn't want to leave your apartment! Come to think of it,the walk in closet and bath tub sound amazing too:-)

    Still, at least the house is yours and you not throwing away your money as they say!

    1. NOW I am so happy we bought a house, it's loads of fun to ve able to change whatever we want!!!

      The apartment was great but the benefits of owning our house far outweigh our lovely apartment. I'm really happy I finally 'gave in'


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