Wednesday, January 2, 2013


"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds
                    if vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”

When: I started juicing right before New Years 2012, it fizzled out about 5 months ago but I'm starting again TODAY! I feel so good and healthy when I'm juicing.

Where: I was inspired whilst visiting my Aunt in Maryland for Christmas, but my juicing takes place in my kitchen.

1 weeks worth of juice 

Why I wanted to do this: My Aunt and her boyfriend were showing us this video about a man who decided to juice and how it changed his life. I literally only was able to watch 3 minutes of the documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and we were so inspired we talked about it the whole drive home and bought a juicer the next day. I'll quickly sum it by just mentioning what I saw, in 4 months this guy, Jo, lost 100 pounds, cured himself of a skin disease and weaned himself off steroids....sounds enticing doesn't it!?

Cost: We bought a Jack La Lane Power Juicer, it was $100, but I know we paid only $80, I can't remember if it was on sale or we had a gift card. It's very reasonable, considering how often we use it the juicer has more than paid for itself. I love ours, I think it's easy to use and simple to clean.

What I would do differently? Nothing, I just wish I would have heard about it sooner in life! To be honest it was a little intimidating at first and took a few weeks to find what worked for me. Which fruit and veggie combos I liked, and how much to use.

Something I would recommend? YES-YES-YES- I cannot emphasize enough what a great change this has been in my life. I think it is a good choice to make for those who want to lose weight, live healthier, reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, increase your energy or if you're simply feeling icky and need to reboot your body!

Will I do it again? Well, I juice everyday and I don't plan on stopping...ever, even if it's just one glass of juice!

Was it life changing? Yes! I lost about 13 pounds in the first month of juicing last year BUT THEN AGAIN I am eating. My husband lost 30 pounds in just 2 months with mostly just juicing and not eating a lot of solids, and he's kept it off. I just feel better and healthier, this has been a great change in my life. It is also great for my daughter, we have never given her juice i.e. juice you buy in the store, I don' t think she needs it and it's loaded with sugar and preservatives but the juice that we make couldn't be any healthier, it is fresh squeezed pure fruit and vegetable juice. How else would I get a 2 year old to eat spinach!!

Tips- I buy all my fruits and veggies from Costco, it may seem overzealous to buy 10 pounds of apples, 10 pounds of carrots and 64 ounces of spinach in one week- but it actually goes fast!
-when choosing fruits and veggies I choose foods that produce a lot of juice, I can buy in a large quantity for a reasonable amount of money. For instance I rarely buy blueberries because it cost $7 for a small container or I could buy 30 oranges for $10.
-as a rule of thumb I try to put 3 fruits and 3 veggies in each juice
- if you are unsure of how much to use I go by one handful of each (except for spinach, it does not produce a lot of juice so with spinach I just fill up the entire strained-maybe 3 or 4 cups)

So here is a typical juice that I drink each day and why....

1 APPLE- ALWAYS- produces lots of juice, taste good, the fiber in apples helps you loose weight, and a 10 pound bag of apples only costs $8, and that saying "an apple a day keeps the dr away" is a saying for a reason.

1 ORANGE- Always- also produces lots of juice, drowns out the taste of the veggies, good for you,  and a box that lasts 2 weeks only costs $10

A SMALL HANDFUL OF BLUEBERRIES- I rarely buy these but they really are a super food, a small container costs $7, I'm going to try to make it last me a week...but my daughter loves snacking on them so that may not happen.

3 LARGE HANDFULS OF SPINACH- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!!! You can't taste it, spinach is one of the best foods you can eat to thwart of cancer and many other ailments. A 64 ounce bag cost less than $5 and lasts 2 weeks. I never make a juice without adding spinach unless I'm making straight orange juice.

2 CARROTS- doesn't taste bad, great for your vision, 10 lb bag cost $10.

3 PIECES OF CELERY- mostly I add this for the's a very unusual taste but I think I'm addicted to  it now, also celery does contain vitamins and nutrients that promote good health.

Have you ever juiced? What's your favorite recipe? 


  1. OOh i am not a juicer but i will try this recipe. I only have a blender but i am very tempted to buy myself a juicer. Please feel free to let us know of some of your other favourite recipes:-)

  2. It's such a great thing to add to your life and well worth the investment of buying a juicer. I feel so amazing physically and mentally through juicing, let me know of you decide to try it out!


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