Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 highlights

I surprised myself when I recently took a look back at my 2011 year in review which I encourage you to check out here before seeing my list of accomplished goals, travels, and adventures of 2012. Where I do feel like I did a lot this year which I am proud of but I want to continue to improve in every area of my life. I do not have a lot of LIFE LIST items that I anticipate completing this year, since I have such a wide variety of interests and some MAJOR goals I am working on- it dawned on me to stop stressing out about it and in every area-JUST IMPROVE. One step forward is better than going backwards or not moving at all. I will post my 2013 goals towards the end of the month. I'm actually trying to finish up writing about all my adventures in 2012 before I start anything new! I breezed over a few of my post from this year...I cannot believe how much I PERSONALLY currently disagree with some of the things I said and things I regret doing because they took me away from my daughter. Thank God for the delete button, I left some things as is because I like to see how much I've changed and grown.

Here's what I was up to in 2012, click on the links (in blue) to read about each of my highlights from the year, the ones in black I haven't had a chance to write about yet but I'm trying to finish them up before the end of January! These were the biggest, best, and most significant things that happened this year. It was a busy one! You can click HERE to see some of my favorite photos from the year.

  1.  Began living a life towards obtaining optimal health through 'Juicing'
  2. My sister and I took a quick trip to Maine
  3. I found and bought a giant lobster I've been wanting for 7 years
  4. I saw a psychic for the first time
  5. I had the perfect Valentine while my husband was out of town 
  6. I became CPR certified
  7. I spent St Patricks Day with my dear friend Shannon 
  8. I had my first physical which is astounding considering what a neurotic nut I am
  9. My 1 year old daughter and I started taking Hula Dance Classes 
  10. During a routine exam my Dr ruptured a cyst - it was painful and expensive 
  11. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary 
  12. I got an iphone-it changed my life
  13. I got my first flamenco shawl
  14. Enjoyed a very fun Easter 
  15. A literary agent requested my book proposal 
  16. Z and I met 4 Brazilians who have become a huge part of our lives
  17. We bought a house 
  18. I had the most amazing Mother's Day 
  19. My daughter and I danced in a Hula Recital
  20. I turned 29
  21. My daughter started saying 'I love you' 
  22. I finally made the difficult decision to get braces to fix my teeth 
  23. We got a kitten at our 4th of July parade 
  24. We celebrated the fourth of July with the Brazilians 
  25. I finally bought a very nice piece of furniture...only for it to sit in the office for the next six months
  26. I took my daughter to meet up with my Aunt in Pittsburgh 
  27. We joined my husband in Philadelphia
  28. We visited Valley Forge for the first time 
  29. Toured the house of Betsy Ross 
  30. We took a carriage ride through Philadelphia 
  31. I took Z to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania...twice
  32. On our ride home from our first trip to Pennsylvania, we stopped at the famous Haines Shoe House
  33. We went to Gettysburg 
  34. We fell in love with our neighbors-they are all so amazing and helpful 
  35. My bankruptcy sentence was finally over 
  36. I met my 83 year Grandpa's new girlfriend 
  37. I did my very first solo wedding 
  38. We started redoing one of our bathrooms 
  39. I got my first Translation Job
  40. I fell head over heels in love with my house 
  41. I reached a weight loss total of 100 pounds 
  42. We went to Philadelphia...again 
  43. I got my first 'media pass' 
  44. We took a ride on the Strasburg Railroad
  45. We spent an afternoon at an Alpaca Farm 
  46. We took an an Amish Buggy Ride
  47. We went to Valley Forge-for the second time this year 
  48. We visited Sesame Place for their Halloween Spooktacular 
  49. We visited my Aunt whilst out East 
  50. A bonus visit from my Aunt coming to Michigan
  51. My sweet little baby turned 2 years old 
  52. We had a Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party for our daughter the week after her birthday
  53. I started going back to church 
  54. I got an ipod dock's a pretty big deal
  55.  My little sweetie went trick or treating for the first time on Halloween 
  56. We booked a trip to Disney-for sometime in 2013
  57. I had an MRI - that was pretty upsetting but made for a VERY thankful Thanksgiving 
  58. We hosted Thanksgiving so the Brazilians could celebrate their first one in America 
  59. I started going to flamenco practice with my step dad 
  60. I went back to being blonde...I kind of think the red hair was the root of my problems 
  61. The literary agent sent me an email saying she was interested in my book idea 
  62. My daughter had her first 'big' Christmas
  63. I talked to my brother for the first time in 3 years 
  64. My best friend moved to Chile
  65. I had the best New Years eve
What are some of the highlights from your year, what would they be?


  1. Replies
    1. It was eventful! I'm hoping for less stress this year!! And I'm thinking about possible employment- I want this to be the year I totally get out of debt so We can use all our extra $ for more fun stuff!!

  2. You really did do an awful lot! That's great that you achieved so much and developed so much as a person. It sounds like you did a lot of growing and changing as a person and go into this new year knowing yourself much better and having developed some better relationships with your family.

    Congratulations on all you did through out the year and all the changes that you have made.xx

    1. My life is completely different than it was 1 year ago today...and I couldn't be HAPPIER with all those changes. So much happened, a lot of bad things but through those issues with my 'relatives' I was able to take a hard look at myself and make some needed changes-towards becoming a more calm, rational and sensible person. So I guess, I wouldn't change anything because then I wouldnt be the person I am now :) I think for the first time in my adult life I actually FEEL like an adult!

      And doing life list items and writing about them is always fun and is a constant "happy" place for me :)


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