Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Passed

Last year I made this statement "Next year is going to be My Perfect New Year’s Eve!" and it was, it was the best New Years I have ever had in my life.

Shannon's moving to Chile party-New Years Eve 2012/2013
2013- At 7h I went over to my friend Shannon's house where she was having her 'going away party' for today, January 1st she is moving to Chile. I didn't think I'd be there more than 1 hour but I ended up staying until after 11h. We were laughing so hard all evening, the night was certainly filled with tears too. Tears of sadness knowing it will be a LONG time before we see each other again, and tears with absolute severe laughter! It was wonderful to catch up with her sister Colleen and her parents, fun to meet new people and then I got to go home to my beautiful daughter and sweet husband. When the ball dropped we smothered our little girl (who yes was still awake) with kisses. It was INCREDIBLE to hear my daughter tell us Happy New Year and for her to give us our first New Years kisses from her, since obviously the past 2 years not only was she asleep but she wasn't yet giving smooches. It was the best New Years I've ever had! As I am reliving the way I spent my past 14 New Years I'm noticing a common trend...and most of them (until my daughter was born) involved large amounts of booze. Ten years ago I would have never thought I could enjoy a NYE party without cocktails and champagne. Instead I stayed up until 3h in the morning cleaning my house, then my daughter woke me up at was nice not having a NYE hangover. Not even so much as a champagne toast at midnight and I had more fun last night than I ever had and as a bonus we had our touching moment with our daughter as she helped us count down the ball drop with a big smile of her face. It was so cute to introduce her to this worldwide tradition.

2012- I watched the ball drop with my 14 month old daughter sound asleep in my lap-the second year in a row I got to kiss my most favorite person in the world-it made me emotional. It was just a quiet night with the two of us, my husband had to work.

2011- My daughter was 3 months old and sound asleep in her play yard but I wanted to hold her in my arms at midnight, so a few minutes beforehand I picked her up and kissed her sweet face and I cried-it wasn't a big night but it was such a special moment. It was just us two,  Joel was working.

2010- My husband and I went to a gathering at a friend's house whose father was here visiting from Poland, he speaks little English and I do not speak Polish but I spoke enough Russian to communicate to him. He and I were best buddies all night! I had not even felt like going out because earlier that day the lady I had been taking care of passed away, it was very hard on me. I also remember that we were so stinking broke we had to put the beer we bought on our credit card which took us over the limit-SO glad that's not my life these days!

2009-I had dinner with my family and then my sister and I went up to the bar where my husband bar tends once/week. I almost didn't even go out I was so sick. She and I had a fun time.

2008- Very last minute I invited my cousin over with his girlfriend and other friend, my sister also came over- so there were 6 of us in our 500 square foot studio apartment, they all spent the night. I don't remember why we didn't have plans to go out. There was a colossal snow storm that night. Nathan, my cousin, and I were the last ones standing and at about 3 or 4 in the morning we decided to run to the store to get some cigarettes...we got in my husband's truck and both realized that I was FAR too drunk to be going anywhere, we didn't even take into account the major snow storm or the fact that nothing would be open on New Years Day at 4h a.m.

2007- My husband and I went to a bar with his co-worker and his wife. I was so excited, we bought tickets which included all the drinks and food you could want-I thought it was going to be so much was ok, there were not many people there...I was a little disappointed.

2006- We went to a party at a friend's house-it was fun.

2005- We went out to dinner with 3 friends, then came back to our place, the couple left right after midnight, my then fiance went to bed soon after and Katie and I stayed up super late and smoked so many cigarettes that it killed my goldfish.....we smoked him to death.

2004-I was dating this guy Phil who was having a party-I really liked him but at one point in the evening WHILE HE WAS HOLDING MY HAND HE STARTED MAKING OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL! I couldn't even leave I was too drunk to drive. Later he told me that he thought I would be into that sort of thing....

2003- I was proposed to under the Eiffel Tower.

2002- Don and I (the one that proposed to me) went over to my friend and co-workers house. We drank and played uno stacko. And I remember insulting her dusting abilities.

2001- Don and I had just started dating and we went to a hotel party with his friends. I remember that it was the first time I had ever worn a thong and I was terribly uncomfortable all evening. The thought of this night is always so bone chilling to me as it was just 72 hours before my car accident-this is why I spend so much time reflecting on that fact that you never know what is going to seems to just flow along and then in an instant everything can change.

2000- I was 16 and went to a party with my friend Dwayne, I didn't know anyone there....also it was very unsettling to me that early in the night the homeowners completely ran out of toilette paper. I am sure I was just happy to get my hands on some brewskies.

1999- 15 years old, my friend Shannon came over and we somehow obtained Sour Apple Pucker and cigarettes, I remember standing outside smoking and walking around like penguins in the cold.


  1. An interesting list, I laughed thinking of you and Nate in the wee hours trying to go to the store but my favorite line is from 2004. I have never met anyone who was too drunk to drink before :) funny! I also like the Apple Pucker Penguin image.

  2. All that had me laughing!! Sounds like some fun times! It's always annoying when the evenings you think will be great aren't!

    Can't believe your boyfriend who was making out with someone else whilst holding your hand!! 2003 sounds like a memorable one as well, obviously you didn't marry the guy and are very happy with who your with, but its quite impressive to get proposed to under the Eiffel tower!

  3. HAHAHA!!! You know what Dannie- I didn't even see the humor in it all until you said they made you laugh...and I just read them all and I have to admit they had me rolling! I guess they were pretty funny :)

    Yeah, the hand holding/make out session was pretty unforgettable even though I was so bombed!


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