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The White House

When: December 22-26 2011

White House

Where: Maryland and Washington D.C. to visit my Aunt

The Chesapeake Bay
Why I wanted to do this: Well to be honest, right after Thanksgiving I had some very serious 'falling outs' with SEVERAL people whom I'm related to and decided that it would be a very lonely Christmas since there is no way I was going to spend the holidays with these people. My husband thought I was running from my problems-not at all! "Cling to what is good" and so I did, I went to visit my Aunt who I often speak of, she is the only person in the world who doesn't drive me crazy. There has never been any negativity in our relationship and I always say you should spend your holidays with those you are the closest to and thus it only made sense to go to Maryland to visit her.

The Tomb of The Unknown Soldiers

Cost: $405

Arlington Cemetary

Washington Monument and Christmas trees from each state
What I would do differently: I am so glad to have gone on this trip, it was wonderful to see my Aunt and I am so glad she was able to spend time with my daughter, the last time she saw her (other than on Skype) she was one week old. I have wanted to visit her so many times in this past year but I was very concerned with how my child would handle such a long drive-it was a non issue-she slept all the way there and back THANKFULLY!

Little redhead-big White House
Will I do it again? I'd love to! It had been years since I had celebrated Christmas with my Aunt, and Washington D.C. is such a special place to me, I certainly would like to do this again.

The Capitol Building and the National Christmas Tree
Something I would recommend? Of course! Actually I think you should visit everywhere twice, once in the summer and then once at Christmastime. It is such a different vibe and it is always so fun to see all the Holiday decorations, you can get some terrific pictures and if you could get some great Christmas gifts!

The U.S. Botanic Gardens

Life changing? Yes. In many small ways, such as, they shared a video with us that was VERY inspiring in reference to our health. On a much grander scale, it did change my life in some significant ways-I felt very empty before I left but I had some definitive moments of clarity and I returned home with a new sense of purpose.

US Botanic Gardens 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip and so lovely that your aunt got to see Zeeva. My family live some distance from me and know how difficult it is to get back to see people. So glad you had a good time and totally agree, i would always love to spend Christmas with people i trully care about.xx


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