Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love my sister

Before we hit the expressway we stopped at Dunkin Donuts, which I learned on this trip is Helena's favorite place in the world. One of the jiggers I enjoyed so much on this trip was that I had the opportunity to learn so much about my sister that I didn't know, such as her weakness for cheap coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Similarly, she commented about her observations of me-she said that she didn't realize that I require constant stimulation, incessant self assurance and that I exaggerate profusely. Yes, I do need to be stimulated frequently-and by that I mean all the time. I do like to be reassured, I'm not going to lie, I like it when people say nice things about me. But I was shocked when she said that she didn't realize how much I exaggerate---WHAT!? I don't exaggerate, I don't need to! I have some really great stories that I like to animate when telling. I asked for some elaboration and she said "Well, like last night, someone asked you how many drinks you had had and you said 'Ugh-14 million!' and then while we were dancing I said this is great we are burning so many calories and again you responded 'ugh MILLIONS!" That's true.... when it comes to numbers do not expect accuracy from me.

While we were in Dunkin Donuts it dawned on me how much I really like my sister, I have always liked her and of course loved her but now it's on a much grander scale so I turned to her and said "I like you double...I'm going to write a poem about you on the way home." Here is the poem I wrote her on our trip home which was a total blast, we laughed even more and even harder than we did on the way there.

I like you double
You're my favorite person to be with in the car- 
I like you double, double than when we were at the bar.

I like it when you drive for 16 hours and I only drive for two-
I like you double, double what I used to.

I like it when you look at me mischievously-
I like you double, double than I did previously.

It made me laugh when you talked about hot dogs with Jose-
I like you double, double than I did yesterday.

It was funny when I woke you up after two hours of sleep-
I like you double, double and more deep.

I really enjoyed all the things we did-
I like you double, double than when I was a kid.

During the ice storm thanks for not making me walk fast-
I like you double, double than in the past.

I laugh when I think of your old lady voice-
I like you double, double by choice.

Thanks for saying my magic hat was chic-

I like you double, double than I did last week.

Next time we take a trip let's fly-
I like you double, double than days gone by.

Quite simply Helena-
I like you more, more than I did before.

Taking this trip was one of the greatest things I've ever done, and I am so happy I got to know my sister better, we got to bond and connect and we'll have these amazing memories forever. 

One more thing....
While we were driving home I looked out the window and said "New Hampshire really is so beautiful."  Helena- "This is Massachusetts."



  1. That poem is adorable.


  3. I love the poem, Helena is lucky to have a sister like you, and you are lucky to have a sister like her. That line regarding New Hampshire cracks me up. Keep writing!


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